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Sep 16, 2010 06:35 AM

river road in iowa restaurants

will be driving up river road in iowa towards rochester,mn
lookink for restaurant thoughts

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  1. Scheras in Elkader

    Scheras in Elkader

    Scheras in Elkader

    107 South Main St
    Elkader, IA 52043
    (563) 245-1992

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    1. re: trza

      Thanks for this rec. We will be up that way this weekend and it looks great.

      1. Breitbachs in Balltown, IA was visited on Alton Browns Good eats, basic supper club fare has a strong local following, the view from the road to the river is fabulous there. Place burned down twice, so the atmosphere of the oldest restaurant in Ia has changed but still worth a stop. Kalmes in St Donatus was also picked and has a similar following of fans for basic good diner cooking. I can give you a few picks in Dubuque if you want.

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        1. re: dijon

          thanks for the rec
          will be staying in dubuque tuesday
          appreciat any rec

          1. re: snider

            Sorry, have been away from chowhound for a while. If still passing through Dubuque, I like Bierstube for German cooking. Marios is still filling with its panzerotti and "pizza bread" appetizer. Cafe Manna Java, wood fired pizza. Hot and Spicy Grill, Indian food.

          2. re: dijon

            Well, it was Alton Brown, but it was his travels up the river on his show "Feasting on Asphalt." Great stuff.

            1. re: IowaBoy

              You are right on the Alton Brown series, its a bitch trying to rely on my memory anymore.