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Sep 16, 2010 01:52 AM

Palm's Thai after a show at Pantages? Other suggestions?

A friend and I (both students) are going to see Phantom at Pantages on a Thursday night. Would Palm's Thai be a good place to eat AFTERWARDS? (I think it's open til midnight. Is the wait so slow we wouldn't be show if we show up around 11 or so? I'm guessing on the time). Is there entertainment late at night or not? How does the food stack up to the hype of the Elvis impersonator?

Other suggestions for after-theatre eats for students (not more than $20/person)? I've only really been to Pantages and that part of town once, and last time we just drove to Canter's afterward, because it was the only place we could think of that wasn't a Denny's or IHOP open.


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  1. Ordinarily, I'd say Jitlada, but they close about 10 ish. So for late night Thai eats I'd steer you toward Ruen Pair or Sanamluang, both of which stay open past midnight. Both are also cheap, so no worries there.

    5233 1/2 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

    Ruen Pair Restaurant
    5257 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

    1. Al Wazir, which is walking distance from the Pantages (just the other side of the 101 Fwy) is good food and a great price. They do the usual Lebanese suspects and, I think, their falafel and chicken are some of the best I've had in LA.

      Al Wazir
      1219 S Glendale Ave, Glendale, CA 91205

      1. In answer to your question, yeah, Palm Thai would do just fine. I'm not sure the "entertainment" is every single night (I'm sure someone will correct me). It's perfectly good Thai-town fare, a big notch above anything you'd find in west L.A./WeHo, etc. But, to me, it's more fun in groups, given the layout (huge space, bright lights, long tables), so if Ruen Pair is open that late, I'd pick that one. It's a lot more comfortable/less fast-food-y than Sanamluang, which has all the ambiance of a Wendy's (but decent food). Hope this helps!

        1. I like Palm's Thai a lot. Food is pretty good, loud, friendly atmosphere. Ruen Pair, as t. he good Professor mentioned is open very late and you see a lot of cooks from good restaurants showing up after a hard nights work. Food is excellent. It's a smaller restaurant and the parking lot is always full until about 2am.

          Ruen Pair Restaurant
          5257 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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            ruen pair better than palms. lots of people are also enjoying red corner in the same mall.