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Sep 15, 2010 09:03 PM

Everything's Better with Bacon

Including, it seems, Rice Krispie Treats.

We make lots of RKTs at work each week, we also cook off lots and lots of cases of bacon. I mentioned to my staff they needed to find a way to marry the bacon and the treats. Well, today they did. Standard recipe, add finely crumbled crispy bacon to the cereal not the marshmallow mixture.

Verdict? Remarkably good, but we should have used more bacon. Kind of has that sweet and savory, slightly salty thing going on. No one didn't like them. Who'd have thought it...

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  1. Ah, bacon sprinkled with brown sugar, wrapped around those little bitty mini ears of corn. Broil 'til bacon's crisp.
    Bacon's better when hot, I think, but those Krispie treats must taste good.

    1. I recently saw someone of Cooking Channel talking about bacon (pancetta rather) ice cream. Amazingly simple, just soak your cooked pound of bacon in the cream base for 2 days before churning. Thinking about trying it. I've also seen those Bacon Chocolate Bars at Whole Foods. I wonder what bacon chocolate ice cream would be like...

      Has anyone ever made bacon brownies?

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      1. re: AmandaCA

        As it happens, I have made bacon brownies. I also made some mistakes. I used pre-crumbled bacon from a bag (which wasn't really crisp enough), and I didn't use enough of it. So what I got was my usual excellent brownie with some chewie, salty lumps in it. Not the effect I was going for. Next time, I will fry my own bacon, and I might try just laying a crispy strip on top, rather than crumbling it.

        1. re: flueln

          Try using some of the bacon fat to grease the pan instead of butter/oil. Fat is a great flavor carrier & will add more smokey goodness.

          1. re: flueln

            You're right, it take more bacon than you initially think when using it in baked goods. We found that out with the rice krispie treats. We thought we'd used a lot, turns out we didn't use enough.

        2. I made Bon Appetite's bacon cashew caramel corn recently, and it was amazing. Very similar idea.

          1. No, not everything.

            I can tell you for one that sashimi (maguro and sake) is definitely NOT better wrapped with bacon.

            1. Hmmm.... I wonder if a a bacon swizzle stick would work in a Martini.

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              1. re: dave_c

                Well, there's already bacon vodka, so why not.