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Sep 15, 2010 08:19 PM

Florida Avocados in Boston?

Does anyone know if any stores in the Boston area sell Florida avocados? All I seem to find are California.

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  1. City Feed on Centre St. in JP occasionally has them. Enterprise Farm has a relationship with a Florida avocado grower whose avocados are distributed through the farm's winter CSA. I assume that City Feed, which a distribution point for the CSA, is selling the same avocados.

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    1. re: johndory

      they're a seasonal crop and that season has not yet begun. plus, they're simply not as popular as the haas. i've seen them more frequently in corner stores owned by central and south americans.

      1. re: hotoynoodle

        just noticed them in a mainstream grocery chain store in arlington, virginia.

    2. Market Basket in Somerville had an assortment on 9/15, both the large and the super large. Towards the back of the produce section.

      1. Key is to seek out latino grocery stores either in Allston, Cambridge, Eastie, JP, etc.

        1. I saw them a few days ago at Russo's.

          1. please educate me, do these taste anything like the usual avacados in the stores? always wondered that....

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            1. re: sinned61

              they have a higher water content and less concentrated flavor. they are much larger as well.

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                I love them and prefer them over the usual haas. I use the classic Caribbean prep of a drizzle of olive oil, some sweet onion (Vidalia ideally) black pepper and lemon. As Hottoynoodle suggests below they do have a much higher water content, and to my taste are fruitier and more complex as compared to Haas' richer buttery nutty notes.

                You can make a guac out of them, but because they have so much more water you are better off cubing the avocado with a knife instead of mashing...