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Knife sharpener at Berkeley Farmers' Mkt.

Has anyone brought their knives to this guy? I have a tryout this Monday and need my knives sharpened asap. I tried to bring them to HIDA on San Pablo, but they can't be done until the 30th.
I wish I had one of those 3 sided sharpening stones! I am very wary about taking my knives to people who take too much metal off the edge.

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  1. He's amazing. He'll take good care of your blades. A real pro.

    1. I've taken my knives to this guy also. He's very good and the prices are very reasonable as well.

      1. I had good luck with the guy for a while but one time a knife came back concave and I had to take it to Columbus Cutlery to be repaired. To be fair, I had a problem at CC once, too, but they fired the new guy who was responsible.

        Columbus Cutlery
        358 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

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            A few weeks ago I asked him if he could sharpen my bread knife. He said he could and did a great job. I think his name is Eric Weiss, and he's also a calligrapher. Interesting guy.

          2. I'm not convinced that this is the same person but I had my knives sharpened at the old Farmer's Market in SF before they moved to the Ferry Building and the camber on my favorite knife was ruined - concave and never as good despite later attempts to repair it. I would stick to places that have more time and have a permanent presence so you can return for repairs if needed.

            1. Hold out for Hida- and buy some sharpening stones while you're there; they'll gladly show you how to use them. Nobody does edges like the Japanese (I know you're not supposed to say stuff like that, but it's true).

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                I bought a sharpening stone at Hida and got a quick lesson from the woman who does their sharpening. It was actually kind of funny. I initially asked the owner to show me how to do it, and found the motions he was showing me totally mysterious, despite asking him to demonstrate several times. So I went back again and asked if the person who does their sharpening would demonstrate. She simply pushed the sharp edge of the knife back and forth along the stone, using more pressure as she pushed away than as she pulled it back. She also explained that when honing a knife on a stone you don't have to be as precise as when you are actually sharpening a knife. I now hone my Shun paring knife and Global chefs knife every couple of weeks.

                I'm not getting an edge that will shave the hair on my arm, but the knives are pretty damn sharp, and it's such a pleasure to work with a really sharp knife.

                I've also used Eric Weiss, the sharpener at the Berkeley Farmers Market, and I think he totally knows what he's doing. I took my bread knife to him a few months ago, and he did wonders with it.

              2. I brought Eric Weiss a pile of knives, scissors and garden tools a couple months ago, way more than he could do while I waited, so he delivered them a few days later, though I could have picked them up at another farmers market. Delivery charge was reasonable and he did a very good job. Wayland, of Wayland's Meats in the Dimond area, also sharpens knives.

                Wayland's Meat
                3421 Fruitvale Ave, Oakland, CA 94602