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Sep 15, 2010 07:21 PM

What can I give the bartender for Christmas?

I eat at this one bar alot and deal with the same bartender quite a bit. I want to give him something for Christmas. Would a card with money in it be appropriate? How much money would be appropriate?

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  1. if you tip appropriately each time, just a simple card with maybe an "extra" tip (double) ?

    I feel that continuing going there often is the best reward that the bartender can have.

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    1. re: Maximilien

      being a bartender, I can say that the simplest acknowledgement is well appreciated. A card with a Jackson in it will pay many fold in dividends throught the following year! cheers!

    2. You know him better than any of us. What does he like?

      1. Money is always appropriate and appreciated. I think it's great you want to give him a bit extra. You should only give what you are comfortable giving (i.e. don't stretch your budget). Doubling the tip is a nice idea. Or, to give you another example, one might give a Christmas gift to a hairstylist equivalent to the cost of one haircut. How much would you typically spend at this bar in an evening, and would that be a workable amount for you?

        Though some might argue that there are 'proper' amounts to tip, I think showing your appreciation and putting in an amount that fits your values and budget is perfect.

        1. We used to have breakfast at least once a week at the same place with the same server. We never have coffee with breakfast and we always share one dish so our meal came in under $10. We would leave $2 or $3. At Christmas we'd leave $10 with a card.

          1. I loved bartending around xmas time. The tips and good cheer would flow freely. Settle your bill with the standard tip first, then give him the card with a $20 bill inside. He should be delighted.

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              I am with the card, saying how much you enjoyed knowing him/her. and a $ 10 or 20 bill depending on what is comfortable for you. I do this with the line cooks at some of my fav restaurants,(coffee shops to table cloth places, where I consider myself a regular)