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Sep 15, 2010 06:28 PM

Late night HK eats in Central

I'm kind of curious what are your favorite places to eat in Central at midnight or later? Everyone seems to go to Tsui Wah or Flying Pan but I'm curious about finding some new spots. With the weather as hot as it is preference would be for places indoors (but suggest away with the dai pai dongs). Also Chinese food would be a plus although I am open to all types of food.

I've been going to Lily (in LKF Hotel) for drinks quite a bit recently and Bloom (their restaurant) has their kitchen open until like 2AM. Quite nice.

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  1. Cafe O on Arbutnot or Ebeneezers?

    1. Thai Hut in Wanchai, just where luard road hits lockhart - opposite mes amis. Actually a lot of people like Hay Hays too, which is also opposite mes amis, just on lockhart road