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Junior Masterchef Australia

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So I want to start off by saying if you have only seen the American version of the Masterchef shows it pales in comparison to the UK and especially the Australian version.

This show started with the top 50 out of 5000 participants ages 8 - 12 from Australia.

The level of these junior cooks is amazing. In the initial round they are broken down into 5 groups of ten based on specialty. First episode was international dishes as a group and desserts as a group. Out of each group of ten 4 were chosen to go into the top 20.

These kids would make any contestant on Hell's Kitchen look like a fool. One contestant (think she was 11) made her own Gnocchi from scratch and nailed it. Another (I think 9) tempered his own white chocolate for his dessert.

I also think the judges (same ones from Masterchef Australia) nailed it. Handling the kids as kids and being helpful and supportive.

Can't wait to watch the whole series.

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