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Sep 15, 2010 06:13 PM

Addie's Pizza Pie, South Berkeley (NY-style pizza & Frozen Custard) - Now Open, anyone try it?

I read about it on EaterSF. Jennifer Millar from Sweet Adeline Bakeshop and Thomas Schnetz of Flora creating NY-style pizza & Frozen Custard, first day today 9/15/10. Anyone try it yet?

Addie’s Pizza Pie: 3290 Adeline Street, near Alcatraz, Berkeley; (510) 547-1100 or

Days & Hrs:
W, Thur & Sun 5-9:30pm
Fri & sat 5-10:30pm

Sweet Adeline
3350 Adeline St, Berkeley, CA

Addie's Pizza Pie
3290 Adeline St, Berkeley, CA 94703

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  1. There's a sort-of review on the Places page, but it doesn't say anything about the food.

    1. From FB: Lunch starts Nov 30, M-F, noonish. You can get a slice, whole pie, salad, & frozen custard. Any reports yet?

      Addie’s Pizza Pie: 3290 Adeline Street, near Alcatraz, Berkeley; (510) 547-1100 or

      Closed Sun
      M-F 12-9:30
      Sat 5-9:30
      Happy Hr 5-7

      1. Finally made it in to try a pie last night. Had a Southside, with sausage, crushed tomatoes, braised fennel, and black olives. There was a lot of cheese so the pie stayed too hot to eat for a long time, I was afraid it would get soggy but it stayed crisp to the end. Good crust, very light and crisp, puffs up around the edges so it looks thicker than it is. Nice flavors. Also had a nice chopped salad with fried capers.

        I'm not sure I ever had frozen custard before, so can't speak to its authenticity, but it is different from other soft-serve, seemed very egg-custardy. At least this time of year, they're packing batches in containers, so it's not coming straight from the machine.

        Small but appealing selection of beer and wine. Nice place, great addition to the culinary desert that is my immediate neighborhood.

        1. I also went to Addie's. I tried the margherita. The sauce is a little spicy from red pepper flakes, reminding a bit of Arinell's sauce. The crust is quite crisp, and like Robert, I noticed how puffy the edges are relative to the thinness overall. I also liked the chopped salad a lot, with romaine and radicchio, fennel, and a lemon vinaigrette. Nice that they offer all the salads in single, double, and 'family' servings.

          The frozen custard is characteristically eggy and smooth, based on my limited experience from living on the East Coast. The vanilla has the eggy flavor of French vanilla ice cream, and the chocolate has a muted milk chocolate flavor. I was a bit surprised that they only offer plain scoops, and no sauces or sundaes (you can also have it as an a la mode option with other desserts). I'm happy to have sampled, but on balance, I'd rather spend my frozen dessert calories at local ice cream places.

          The beer list looks good, and the wine choices thoughtful if limited (they were out of one red wine when I was there, and there were but two choices). If they're serving slices now I might try to swing by at lunchtime to try more. Agree that this is an asset to (also my immediate) neighborhood.

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          1. re: Caitlin McGrath

            The server said they are serving slices at lunchtime.

          2. Addie's is now open from noon until closing. In the daytime, there's an abbreviated menu of cheese, pepperoni, or a daily vegetable pizza, available by the slice (cheese for $3, pepperoni or veggie for $3.50) or 16-inch pie, plus chef's salad for $8 and garden salad for $6. A lunch special (available until 3:30) of a side garden salad and choice of one slice is $7. Order at the bar, and they bring your food and drink.

            The "side" salad was fairly generous, with long spears of crisp lettuce leaves, sliced radish and cucumber, halved grape tomatoes, batons of red carrot, and a good buttermilk-herb dressing. The day's vegetable slice was Greek: in addition to tomato sauce and mozzarella, it had feta, spinach, red onion, and olives, judiciously dotted over the slice. I felt the crust had more char, more chew, and more flavor than when I was here previously. Definitely a nice option in the neighborhood for lunch, where there are few choices.

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            1. re: Caitlin McGrath

              Noon-9:30 Monday-Friday, 5:00-9:30 Saturday.