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Sep 15, 2010 05:37 PM

How is the food at City Winery? Anything better nearby?

Hi folks,

My girlfriend got tickets to a show at City Winery next week. They e-mailed her today to say that the doors open beforehand and they serve dinner. My question (of course): is it any good?

I've searched this board a bit but can't seem to find a review of their food, just some positive comments for wine and cheese plates. Should we get dinner there? Or do folks recommend something else? We're not looking for anything too fancy, but I don't know that part of town very well.


City Winery
155 Varick Street, New York, NY 10013

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  1. I was there for a show not too long ago. While not a foodie destination, there is decent bar food. The mushroom flat bread pizza was pretty good. The sliders and fries were ok. Needless to say, an impressive wine list. The house rose was quite fun. I'd stick with the pizzas, salad, and cheese. BTW, it's a decent concert venue, but the tunnel traffic outside is somewhat surreal.

    1. I have eaten there twice before shows. The food is actually really quite good! The hanger steak is particularly delicious, as are the veggie sides. Great wine list (ask for the big list - there is a shorter version on the menu, but the larger list is very extensive, and comes with a friendly, earnest sommelier.) Another option is to get a drink and oysters at the bar at aqua grill around the corner first, and then continue with light fare at city winery. But as I said, I have enjoyed the food there and it is nice to get there early, grab a good table and relax before the show.

      1. I recommend getting food somewhere else before hand but not due to quality of food I've just never liked the way the place is set up for food and show, depending on where your assigned table is you can feel REALLY crowded while eating and just as a byproduct of the venue you can have people engage you in conversation while you are trying to eat.

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          Agreed that the tables are not always ideal for eating -- especially if you are at a high-top bar table, and sharing that with others. And I would not recommend the charcuterie plate; it's pretty one-dimensional, thrown together, and tiny for what they charge. I would only eat there for convenience if you're short on time.

        2. i've been to city winery a couple of times. the first time i ate there, and the next time i made sure to eat beforehand. they have a pretty limited selection and small portions, but that's not to say that the food is bad.

          have fun, it's a great venue!

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          1. re: edintern

            Thanks for all the tips, folks, greatly appreciate it!

            Assuming we have enough time beforehand, I think we may try the oysters at Aqua Grill and see what else we find nearby before having some wine at the show.

            1. re: rincon1996

              If you love oysters Aqua Grill is the place to go, they'll have a couple dozen varieties on hand, you could eat oysters till it hurts...