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Sep 15, 2010 05:17 PM

PiQ, new Italian bakery, downtown Berkeley

PQ opened yesterday in an airy, bright spot at the corner of Shattuck and Addison in Berkeley. They were offering about six pizzas in what I think of as Roman style: oblong in shape, a few feet long, crisp crust, sliced in straight lines across the short axis. The Margherita had a light sauce and not too much cheese. Another slice had excellent smoky ham and arugula, with a little more sauce this time. Slices were $3.75.

They also offer what they are calling paninis, foccacia with pizza-like toppings, hot or cold, for $6.75. Particularly appealing were the one with ripe tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella di buffalo, and another with generous slices of prosciutto di Parma and mozz.

Lots of loud chatter in Italian among the staff. Italian soda and coffee, baked sweets in a display case, WiFi, sidewalk seating--a fun place to hang out downtown.

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  1. I have no idea how to add this to the restaurant list, by the way--I tried in the first post but it didn't go through.

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      ernie, check back, the restaurant database software is incredibly buggy and there is a delay before it displays sometimes. It may show up in 30 minutes or so. Thanks for trying and especially, thanks for telling us about this new spot.

      PIQ: 91 Shattuck Square, at Addison, Berkeley; or (510) 540-7700.
      Open weekdays from 7:30am to 9pm, Sat. from 9:30am to 10:30pm, Sun. from 11am to 8pm.

      1. stopped by for a mushroom slice the other evening. I really like the remodeled decor. a very huge upgrade from the old Sun Hong Kong setting. classy and comfortable.

        the space is very open, with the pizza in the back which they heat back up to a nice crisp in the oven. Also offering various paninis, breads and other little baked good stuffed with salumis and olives and cheeses or tomatoes. near the front next to the registers is a great display of fruit tarts and pastries that seemed very reasonably priced.

        I tried a slice of the mushroom pizza, a thin crusted pizza, that as decribed above was light on tomato sauce and cheese, but very much covered in mushrooms, had a very good snap throughout. no sogginess anywhere.

        A great new addtion to the area. Nice spot to sit and read or study while grabbing a light snack.

        91 Shattuck Square, Berkeley, CA 94704

        1. I got a quarter of a big, round focaccia sandwich with salumi and peppers. Fast, very tasty, and a good value at $4.25. Lots of other good-looking stuff, particularly some tomato and mozzarella items.

          1. I went twice. First time I only got a chocolate biscotti. It was soft & nutty like a long Cliff Bar. I would get it again. Found out after 8pm when I went the 2nd time it was Buy 1 Get 1 FREE & the breakfast items that were left. That's worth checking out.

            I also got a slice of Mushroom Pizza. It's already made, they just re-heat it for you. Nice thin crust, tasty pizza.

            Nutella Pear Tart $4 - Yummy! It's a popular dessert the girl told me.

            Very roomy & bright dining room. They serve Mr. Espresso coffee from Oakland.

            Help yourself to water near the front door on the Left.

            They take credit cards. There's an upstairs - I didn't go up.

            Across the street from Downtown Berkeley Bart.

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              i was dining upstairs and they have iPads to play with while you dine there! 3 available.