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Sep 15, 2010 03:16 PM

wine recommendation to go with Fusion Taco (less than $15 / bottle)

I am hosting a dinner party of 40 people and will get fusion tacos as our main entree. (mainly beef, bulgogi/kalbi taco, also some might have chicken/pork taco).

This is my first time hosting such a big party and inviting my boss and mostly colleagues, so is it about right to assume that every 2.5~3 person would consume one bottle? (we will also have some beer and non alcoholic drink)

My budget for the wine is about $500.

What would you recommend for < $15 / bottle of wine to go with fusion taco?


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  1. It's safe to assume 3/4 to 1 bottle per person. People won't drink that much, but it's safer to have more.

    The answer really, is to go to a dedicated wine shop that has wine tastings or a wine bar. Ask to sample bottles of wine in your price range. Buy the one that you like the most.

    I'm sure others will come along and toss out a lot of names of wines at you.

    1. Rose.
      Looking at Spec's web site I see you can get can still and sparkling rose at a variety of price points. Give people a variety.
      If you want, I can look further and make more recommendations.