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Sep 15, 2010 02:44 PM

Recs for a "girls weekend" staying near West 56th St. and 6th


Spending four nights in early December and staying in an apartment with kitchen. This is my first visit and from my initial research, this location looks ideal. Would love suggestions of must visit places "where the locals eat" for lunch and dinner, great scene for an evening cocktail with small plates as well as a few not-to-miss take-out places to dine on our balcony. I am the only vegan in the group, but want to lay out some great dining options where my being vegan is a non-issue and my friends have some fantastic choices. Will advance reservations be needed?

I would also like to know what the locals call this area, it looks close to Times Square, Financial District, Central Park. In searching this board, what part of the city would this be called?

  1. Dine on the balcony in December??

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      Good point, gutsofsteel. I just received an e-mail with photographs of the apartment seeing a corner view balcony with a great evening view of the city and didn't think things through.

      1. re: Windsor

        Don't eat in at all. With only four evenings, you should eat out every evening. The location of your apartment is not great from a foodie point of view, however. But you can hop on the subway and go anywhere.

        Your request is too vague - you have to talk about budget, what cuisines you are and are not intersted in, if you want formal or casual, what kind of wine/cocktail situation you want, etc etc

        The Financial District is nowhere near Times Square or Central Park. Look at a map.

        56th/6th is midtown. Primarily a business district, not residential. Hotels, office buildings.

    2. This is a duplicate of Windsor's other thread: so we're going to lock this one up and refer discussion to the other one.