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Best Caterer for a Wedding Reception

Hello All,

My Fiance and I are planning a wedding reception for approximately 150 people, and our foremost concern is the quality of the food. I am an avid home chef, eat all over New Orleans 2-3 times a week, and have very high standards. I have attended way too many weddings with horrible food, and I don't want to subject my guests to that! Can anyone recommend any caterers and/or venues who serve reliably amazing food?


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  1. How much are you willing to spend?

    I'm at that age and have been to tons of weddings and wedding related events in the past five years, and I can honestly say that I've never had amazing food at a wedding reception. I went to a rehearsal cocktail party at K-Paul's that was very, very good, but the couple was affiliated with the restaurant.

    Places I've had decent wedding reception food: Cafe Amelie, Napoleon House, Katie's, and one that was catered by the church ladies

    Places that were not good: Latrobe's (catered by Nathanial Zimet), various country clubs.

    In general, I find passed apps and cheese/smoked salmon/etc. trays to be much more successful than buffets. Buffets always have badly overcooked cheap cuts of meat or concealed pasta.

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    1. I have been pleased with Toulouse Gourmet (caterer) in the past when I've used them. I also went to a wedding in the upstairs of Antoine's once that was heavenly.

      1. Joel's Grand Cuisine sounds interesting, his wife opened Tartine. Not to besmirch uptownlibrarian, but I seem to recall others having good things to say about Zimet's food at LaTrobe's. I have no personal knowledge. Southern Hospitality can be good too.

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          I know, I have enjoyed Boucherie many times and was really looking forward to the food at Latrobe's. The best thing on offer by far was a smoked salmon tray. The passed apps were ok but unmemorable and I hadn't had that much champagne. The buffet was dismal. I was definitely surprised and disappointed.

          However, it is a gorgeous space and the wedding was a beautiful and fun regardless.

        2. i recommend Toulouse Gourmet Catering as well! I have been to numerous wedding they have catered and the food has always been wonderful. They are a great crew to work with, pay extreme attention to detail, and make foor a memorable evening

          1. We got married a little over three years ago, so things may have changed, but here's my opinion for what it's worth. My wife plans events so she narrowed the two best caterers in town to Joel and Food Art. Food was our first priority and after tastings, we gave the nod to Joel. We're both foodies, and I can say that the food was truly outstanding. People still talk about the food.

            It was expensive though - at least a hundred bucks a person, including drinks. But, hey, if that's your priority, go for it. We skimped on photography in order to get the food we wanted.

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                I had an anniversary party at the New Orleans Board of Trade and was quite pleased with Pigeon Caterers....and I am very picky. I have also enjoyed many of Joel catered events as well as Food Art.

              2. I had my wedding reception at The Foundry (Bella Luna catering). People still talk about how great the food was even a year later.

                1. The best caterer I know of is Food Art, located on Carondelet Street in the CBD. Their food is outstanding, and the owner, Nanci Easterling, and her staff do a fantastic job on food prep, presentation, and the setup and serving onsite. I've used them for business functions, and have been at social functions and a wedding where they provided the catering. Every one was superb. I've never had better food or service at a catered event. I've recommended Food Art to friends, business associates and clients. Ms Easterling is very creative, and can produce some amazing menu items. She's also an expert in Vegan cuisine, if that's important to your event.