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Sep 15, 2010 01:56 PM

Scena in Darien, CT

Open yet? Anyone been?

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  1. I think it is going through a soft opening.. drove past it last Friday night and saw people inside dining.
    But there hasn't been anything in the local papers advertising the fact they are open.

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    1. re: SeoulQueen

      I went last Wednesday night. Food and wine was good, service was overwhelmed. It was after the local elementary schools' open houses, and every other parent in town had the same idea. The place was packed and it was tough to get the servers'/bartenders' attention.

      I had a nicely done fig and prosciutto salad (though the figs could have been a little more figgy), and lamb ravioli which was very tasty (though could have benefited from more sauce/lamb. Wine-by-the-glass list is solid, not-unreasonably priced. Prices overall are high, but typical for the area.

      My sense is that once the place settles in, and isn't swamped by an unexpected crowd, it'll be worth going back.

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        Thanks for the update! Sounds like they need to iron out a few wrinkles esp with service. I'll wait a few weeks then give them a try.

    2. What / where is Scena? Looking forward to hearing more...

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      1. ok it is definitely open for business. Drove past it tonight and they had outdoor seating (facing the Post Road) and every table was taken with diners and I could see the tables inside filled with diners too.

        Anyone been to eat yet?

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          im curious myself- same owners as Cava in Darien

        2. Without question, the worst service I have had in a restaurant in the last ten years. We waited 20 minutes for menus (we had to ask for them). An additional 20 minutes passed before anyone bothered to ask if we wanted something to drink. One of those crazy situations where staff is hurrying around busily, never glancing your way, so you can't actually get their attention. The food was actually good, but not good enough to render the service acceptable. Next time I'll go to Post Corner Pizza.

          Post Corner Pizza Restaurant
          847 Post Rd, Darien, CT 06820