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Sep 15, 2010 01:32 PM

Organic Vegetables (& Fruit) in MTL

I'll soon stop receiving my CSA vegetable box (for the winter), and I'm wondering what are the best places to buy organic produce in the city... Is there more than one organic vegetable stand at Jean-Talon Mrkt? I know only of the one directly in front of La D├ępense...

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  1. Try out Tau; there is one on St. Denis, Mont Royal metro. All their fruits and vegetables are organic.

    1. is an organic store on Sherbrooke Street (NDG). It is also a web site for ordering organic food in Montreal. Never try yet. I think the delivery is free.

      1. What part of the city are you in?

        Both Jean Talon and Atwater markets have organic vegetable stalls. Other options are Rachelle Berry or Tau (both with several locations around the city, mostly on the Plateau), BioTerre on St-Viateur, Pousse Ananas on St-Hubert, Frigo Vert downtown, Fait Ici in Little Burgundy, Fruiterie Pomme Vert and Branche D'Olivier in Verdun, My Antidote in NDG, Retour aux Sources in Mercier/Tetrauville (I think). There are others around the city, let me know if none of these are close to you.

        I'm increasingly finding organic selections in small fruit and veggie stores and larger grocery stores. Often they're from the big organic farms in the US though. Places like Pousse Ananas, Fait Ici and Pomme Vert really support local producers though. Explore and ask.