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Sep 15, 2010 01:09 PM

Donut shop apple fritter recipe

I am looking for a recipe for apple fritters like you get at a donut shop - not the southern battered apple recipe.

My Celiac son has never had a good donut, so I want to try my hand at gluten-free apple fritters. It is time he can experience the bacon apple maple donut that my husband loves so much!

I have done a google search, but anyone have a recipe that they like?


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  1. I haven't made them, but these apple fritters made with rice flour and tapioca flour look really good.
    And, if you want a cake donut base (vs the above yeasted one), you might want to look at this recipe.

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      Thanks. BTW - they needn't be gluten free recipes. I can adapt them on my own, so a conventional flour recipe would be good too. .