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Sep 15, 2010 10:40 AM

Red Hook Lobster Pound DC

I just had my first lobster roll from the Red Hook truck today; it was parked on I St. between 14th and 15th. We got into the back of the VERY long line (at least 50 people ahead of us) and waited. After 30 mins., I had to come back to the office. My colleague very graciously offered to wait and get us both a lobster roll. She ended up waiting in line for a full hour - then 5 more minutes after her number was called. We both got the lobster roll hot with butter (as opposed to cold with mayo) for $15. The $18 lobster roll lunch includes chips and a drink. She says that if you don't specify which you want they will give you cold with mayo; I'm glad we knew to specify! They also sell shrimp rolls and whoopie pies.

Now for the lobster roll. WOW! Absolutely DELICIOUS! The chunks of lobster meat on the roll were huge, buttery, juicy and tender -- perfect, really -- and plentiful. The roll itself had gotten a bit soggy with butter (my roll had been tightly covered and carried for 5-10 mins.) but was still superb. It had a few bits of green onion in it - and the dill pickle on the side was crisp and good. Our only complaint was that it was too small (about 5 inches).

So if you don't mind waiting an hour in line and spending $15 for a small roll, follow these people on Twitter or Facebook and find out when they will be in your area!

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  1. Thanks for the good review, wph. I'm sure the lobster roll is very good but I just can't see spending $15 and god knows how much time on something I'd eat in about two minutes.

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      There is a part of me that is strongly with you. If it were parked outside my door five days a week I doubt that I'd indulge more than once a month or so at most, delicious as it is. It was well worth $15 and the time invested to try it -- as a "once in a blue moon" kind of thing. It sure made my day today!

    2. I tried it yesterday, and also had to wait over an hour. I had the cold version, and it was very good and stuffed full of lobster, but i'll never wait in that line again. Totally not worth the time and the $18.

      1. Had Red Hook Maine lobster roll today at McLean Day. Upon close inspection, there's nothing but claw meat. Both kids took a bite and spat out the lobster (they're picky). I tried it, it wasn't bad but I don't care much for claw meat. I threw it away after 2 bites.

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          1. re: Worldwide Diner

            Ha. I only like claw meat. Maybe we'll team up and get a lobster :)