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Sep 15, 2010 09:25 AM

Best Rotisserie Chicken To Go - Prospect Heights Area

I love taking a whole cooked chicken home and having a couple days worth of protein at the ready. Dominican places usually offer the best bang for the buck (as well as the best flavor), but I'm not stuck on that. Anything near the four corners where Prospect Heights, Crown Heights, Clinton Hill and Bed Stuy meet would be ideal. Around $5.99 for a whole bird would be even better. TIA

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  1. ...Speaking of Dominican places, El Gran Castillo De Jagua has never done me wrong. They're on Flatbush Ave, right next to the B/Q stop in Prospect Heights.

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    1. re: jaredv

      I've seen them...they have a whole chicken to go...for how much? thanks

      1. re: douglas525

        You're talkin' supermarket at $5.99 - sure Fairway has them, but not in your 'hood. Other local markets have this deal but quality's lacking and no special spice rubs or flavor. Not likely to find your price-point in the Slope/Heights unless you walk down to Pathmark Atlantic Center.

        1. re: Mike R.

          There was a D'can place on Franklin around Park, but it closed. I think a whole chicken was 7 or 8 dollars.

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            daugher brought one home from the supemarket (former Key - whatever its called now) on Flatbush that was really overcooked a few weeks ago. Be careful it is recently cooked - You need a place with turnover. At this point dont have a personal recc in Prospect Hts for this category. We usually head to costco or order in from Los Pollitos for this..

      2. Pilar on Classon does whole rotisserie chickens... $14.50, though. comes with rice & beans.
        I used to get amazing chickens from a dominican place up in Inwood when I lived there (with delicious mystery sauce for dipping), but I'm not aware of anything comparable around your neighborhood (also mine). I'd love to find something though!

        1. I recently grabbed a half chicken from El Gran Castillo de Jagua and really enjoyed it. The flavor on the skin was rich and delicious and reminded me of really good Peruvian rotisserie chicken I've had in Union City, NJ (spoiler alert, the mad flava often comes courtesy of MSG). It came with what tasted like a tomatillo/hot sauce that was pretty tasty, too. The white meat was not super moist, but all-in this was a good chicken and since I live a few blocks away this place is definitely on the take-out rotation.

          El Gran Castillo de Jagua
          345 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

          1. I've recently discovered the chickens at NSA on Washington near Prospect. They're $5.99 and not bad. Price isn't the biggest issue, but $14.50 for a bird that isn't exactly endangered seems a tad ridiculous. Is Pilar really that good?