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Sep 15, 2010 09:04 AM

Mushroom pie help

I'm having some friends over for dinner this weekend and I've had it in my mind to make a mushroom pie. I found a recipe that seemed doable and got excited until another friend warned me that the crust might be disastrously soggy. He suggested I use phyllo or strudel dough instead of a traditional crust.

Thoughts? Recipes? I planned on prebaking the crust and making a sort of thick mixture of wild mushrooms, herbs, veggie broth, maybe some kind of cheese (I'm vegetarian). But I also don't want to have an epic fail on a night I'm entertaining.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. This came to mind immediately: Wonderful, but not a main dish.
    It's true that mushroom have a *lot* of moisture in them! Does your recipe call for raw mushrooms inside of a crust?
    Also, mushroom bread pudding is an option--

    1. I think if you pre-baked the pastry briefly it would solve that problem. Also, if you use cheese, put it on the bottom layer in order to create a barrier.

      1. I have done the Moosewood mushroom strudel successfully, and now that you made me think of it, will do it again very soon. I have also made mushroom bread pudding that was great, as blue room suggests. But yeah, I'd worry about soggy bottm crust on a pie. Not sure if this is relevant to you, but a big Korean market (H-Mart) recently opened near me, and they have the most AMAZING mushrooms I've ever seen -- super fresh and really well-priced and a huge variety. Of course, have no idea if that is characteristic of Korean markets.....

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        1. Gosh, I'm not worried about soggy crust at all, assuming you pre-cook the mushrooms. Picture a fruit pie and how much moisture there is, and those aren't pre-cooked! Sautee your onion, shallots, herbs, wine, and cook the moisture out of it. Toss in your cheese, fill, and bake. I think it sounds delicious!

          1. Thanks all! Yeah, my original thoughts were with KateCM, that since I'm pre-cooking the mushrooms well it would turn out all right. But they are moist little buggers, aren't they? The fruit pie is a good point, though.

            The recipe I found and liked was here:

            But I'd do some substitutions, of course, since I'm not vegan. Wine, maybe a bit of sage, shallots, some chives and parsley. What cheese do you think would be nice? There's a great smoked gouda I've gotten before that might work, but I'm open to suggestions.