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Sep 15, 2010 09:03 AM

Middle Eastern -ish Fast -ish Restaurant in U City Tonight

Hey folks,

Any ideas on good Middle Eastern/Pakistani places to go in UC? Something like Kabobeesh only not quite so dive-y, but not exactly Distrito either. Somewhere in the middle - fast but good, casual but not crappy.

I'm ruling out Abyssinia and Dahlak because I'm not a huge fan of the food, but they have a nice vibe and I'm open to all other suggestions.

P.S. the sooner the better would be great, gracias!

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  1. Maybe Hummus or Rana, but I don't know if they qualify as less divey.

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    1. re: leepinleemur

      Hey thanks, I think Rana is closed now though... maybe Hummus, but it's full of college students... hmmm...

    2. Not sure if they'll be open the time you're looking for, but Saad's Halal Place - 45th and Walnut.

      A place that may fit the 'fast' bill would be Marrakesh Express - 44th and Chestnut.

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      1. re: ramenbound

        Marrakesh Express was where we ended up going, thanks for the suggestion!

      2. Wah-Gi-Wah near the corner of 45th and Chestnut is Pakistani. The whole roast chicken is pretty freaking good.

        It's not fancy, but it's clean, and the food is solid. You can find their menu online.