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Sep 15, 2010 08:45 AM

dinner in a wine cellar

I am looking for recommendations for a small dinner party (15-20) in a restaurant wine cellar in the farifield county/ new haven county area. Any recommendations?

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  1. Central Steak in New Haven used to put on private parties in its extensive wine cellar. I am not sure if this is the case anymore, or how many people it can accommodate, but you could call and check.

    1. LaTavola in Waterbury has a wine celler that will accomodate your party. I must admit I've not actually been down in the wine cellar, have only heard about it, but the food at LaTavola is GREAT! Might be worth checking out.

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        We went to LaTavola on Sat. night and our party of 6 sat in the wine cellar. Our experience was good because the food was delicious, but it was VERY hard to hold a conversation with 6 people because the acoustics are not very good. There are about 10-12 tables of varying sizes and it wasn't uncomfortably tight, it was just loud. As the night wore on and the room emptied a bit, it was much better. I and several of my friends had the beef shortribs with goat cheese mashed potatoes and gold and red beets. It was incredibly delicious!! I didn't finish mine because I was saving room for dessert, but I couldn't wait to devour it today for lunch! We also ordered a salad, shrimp toasts, veal saltimbocca ravioli and mountain top mushrooms for appetizers to share and they were all incredibly good. It was really and truly a delicious meal, just wish the acoustics could be a bit better.

      2. valbella has a wine cellar for dining