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Sep 15, 2010 07:55 AM

HELP! Mr. B's or K-Paul's Kitchen? (Bachelorette Party)

Hey everyone. I'm looking for a place to go to dinner for my bachelorette party. There will be 7 of us total. I don't want something super fancy as we'll be going out on Bourbon afterwards (so dressed pretty casually), but I do want really good food. We're staying at the Royal Sonesta and I'd like somewhere close (although most things are close in the FQ). At this point, I've narrowed it down to Mr. B's or K-Paul. Another complication is that one of my party is in a wheelchair. I haven't been to either place so am not sure if they really are accessible or not. So, any input from anyone would be GREATLY appreciated. Do you think Mr. B's or K-Paul's would work? If not, any other suggestions?

Oh...and since it is a bachelorette party - a place kind of upbeat (as opposed to quiet) would be preferable. Thanks for your help!!!

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  1. My choice would be K-Paul's. Start with a variety of apps to pass around.

    1. Definitely K-Paul's. I love starting an evening there! The vivacious atmosphere sets a spectacular tone for the evening and the food is always en pointe. Request downstairs dining room and laissez le bon temp roulette.

      1. I know you have it narrowed down to two, but I'd go to GW Fins. Fits your criteria....stumbling distance (literally) to Bourbon and your hotel, casual enough, festive atmosphere, busy bar area and awesome food (prefer it over your other choices). Don't know about wheelchair accessibility. Give 'em a call.

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          All three places mentioned so far are good choices. I am partial to K-Paul's because I have had fun experiences there. It seems a little more casual than Mr. B's but you can't go wrong with Mr. B's either. I have not eaten at GW Finns although it is on my list for my next New Orleans trip whenever that may be. It looks really good to me.

          Bigray in Ok

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            I would describe Fins as more sedate than festive.

          2. We are going to be in town for a Bachlorette trip this weekend also and were intersted in something fairly casual b/c we will hit the bars afterwards also. I think we have decided on Mr. B's. I am dying to try their BBQ Shrimp, plus the menu is diverse enough for the picky eaters. I am curious as to HOW CASUAL business casual is considered???

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              I spent my entire trip in NOLA in a good pair of blue denim jeans, button up short sleeves shirts, running shoes and a hat. I had NO issues what-so-ever in any of the restaurants that the GF and I ate at and yes I was actually complimented on the fact that I had enough decorum to remove my hat upon entering Bayona. If you can see my profile pic attached to this reply ackisner that's pretty much what I wore the whole time. If you wanna know where I dined check out a Canucknulehead in Nola :)

              430 Dauphine St, New Orleans, LA 70112

            2. Definitely K-Paul's. They are both handicap accessible, so no worry there. Mr. B's is extremely quite, and a little stuffy feeling, I don't think it would suit the mood. Also, their drinks are through the roof! I once stopped in for a cocktail, I ordered Blanton's bourbon ($50/bottle at the store) one drink cost $20 with tip!

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                This is a zombie thread but I will point out that Mr. B's has a lunch cocktail menu with lovely $1.50 drinks. Not quite a 25c martini but still a great deal to wash down those bbq shrimps!