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Sep 15, 2010 07:53 AM

Ordering Help for Little Q in Arlington

Im sorry if this overlaps on old threads but Ive searched Little Q and havent come up with what im looking for, Im heading to Little q Hotpot in Arlington for the first time after spending the week drooling over the menu and pulling my hair out at the multitude of choices I am turning to Chowhound for help and I would love to get advice on favorites to order. Unfortunately my father does not love spicy foods so the Mala broth is out of the equasion, but Im thinking tongue, lamb, mushrooms and maybe herbal broth? I would appreciate any insight, thanks!

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  1. The pots are divided in half, so you get to order two different broths. You could get the mala and your dad could get the herbal - each side gets its own set of utensils so there will be no cross-pollination.
    In terms of food choices, get whatever sounds good - have enjoyed all fish, meats and veggies I have tried. Note that the mushrooms and some veggies actually take a long time to cook and soak up the broth, while your meats cook in an instant. I have had and enjoyed the lamb. You will probably see lots of people ordering the beef in various forms - it all looks really great, nice marbled texture, etc.

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      Any other broths you like besides the Mala and Herbal? He might veto us each having our own broth because we usually like to try lots of different options and that only leaves him with one broth, the horror!

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        Ha - Cannot personally, sorry - only have had those two -
        Here's their website btw -

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          Six of us were there recently & we had half veggie broth(for the spice wary) & half mala for the majority.

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            I've had the black bone chicken - very rich and good, the summer cooler - my fave but not sure it'll be there in the cooler weather and the herbal which was also very good but I like the other two a bit better. I can't eat too spicy but my friend had the Mala and I tried a bit to my herbal. Excrutiatingly hot - the more so the longer it cooks so be forewarned ! At different times I've had the chicken, beef, shrimp and mushroom combo plates - all good, especially the mushroom ! And added pea pods, bok choy, more noodles and some other goodies I can't remember.

        2. Yes, yes, and yes. You really can't go wrong.

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            I'm a spicy-food fanatic, and I actually thought the Mala broth was too much of a good thing. I'd rather spice up my individual bowls of soup myself.

            The black chicken bone broth, on the other hand, still makes my mouth water (my least favorite foodie phrase, which actually I mean literally in this case!).

            Tongue and the prime beef (whatever that pricy one is) were both excellent.

          2. The sliced lamb is excellent, as is the mushroom plate. I also second the rec for getting a split pot between mala and a non-spicy broth. I've enjoyed the herbal, the black bone chicken, and the summer cooler. And chinese broccoli cooks wonderfully in the hotpot.

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              Oy! everything sounds so yummy...just ate lunch and my stomach is already rumbling. Thanks for all the recs...

            2. I love the Chinese Herbal broth, myself.

              Also, get the combination mushroom platter, and from the "foundation dishes" section (the ones that are already cooked), try the scallion pancakes, the lamb dumplings and the Little Q noodles.

              I also love the chinese broccoli and the fried tofu.

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                Wanted to give an update after the meal- We were seated in the back of the diningroom, it was nice and warm, we had a very nice waitress who was happy to explain what I couldn't to my slightly confused father. We ordered the herbal and black chicken broths with chinese broccoli, lamb combo, mushroom platter and beef tongue. Both broths were excellent, I loved the way they developed over the evening. The mushrooms were outstanding, the lamb was tender although somewhat bland, the broccoli added a nice crunch. The tongue however, was by far my favorite a quick swish in the broth and it was tender and so flavorful. I asked for some chiles so I could flavor my small bowl which I filled with broth and other goodies. Next time Ill have the mushrooms, tongue, bok choi and maybe some crispy tofu. Thanks for all the help with ordering, great to support a small local business, they are definately part of my regular rotation now!

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                  Thanks for reporting back ... I love those mushrooms too. I need to get back over there now that the weather is cooling. Tongue YUM!

              2. i like the lamb, beef tongue, beef tripe, beef tendon, pork intestines, and any of the vegetables (especially the watercress, taro, fried gluten balls, and iced bean curd) in mala or chinese herbal broth. the scallion pancakes and lamb dumplings are good too but i thought they were better at the quincy location