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Sep 15, 2010 07:36 AM

Chez Georges

We just returned from France and the meal that was the most memorable was at Chez Georges, 1 Rue Mail. I had for my main course the veal sweet-breads with morel sauce. I am still thinking about that dish and how good it tasted. My daughter had duck with a mushroom sauce that she said was the best dish she ever had. We were there from 1:30 till 4:00 and the service was superb. We had a great meal and a great time. We will go back again!

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  1. We had a nice meal there as well under the new team July 20th.

    1. I have always liked this place, my image of what a quintessential French bistro should be; large servings of bistro classics, salade de frisée with copious lardons, sweetbread, calves liver, potatoes,all served by matronly ladies. the only cutting edge you will find here is the one on your steak knife, Gagnaire and Aizpitarte can breathe easy,but you will not be leaving hungry. So glad to hear that it seems to be trundling right along the same path, even with the change in management. I must go back in the next couple of months to verify.

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          Yup, me as well. Have not been since 1991

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            Went twice in the last 2 years. Love it. Hoping I'll have the willpower to resist the Sole George, in the rich delish Pouilly cream sauce. My fave lentil salad I've had as well.

      1. Thanks for this post - we are in Paris for 6 weeks starting December 15, staying on Rue de Petits Champs - Chez Georges in on my (ever expanding) list of restaurants to try.