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Sep 15, 2010 06:58 AM

Have you ever used roasted or rotisseried chicken for making soup?

When making chicken soup, I almost always make a fairly large amount. I start with uncooked chicken parts -- usually wings, thighs and legs -- I add raw carrots, parsnip, onions and celery to the stock pot, and let it simmer for a few hours. But now I'm wondering how my traditional chicken soup would be different if I used roasted or even rotisseried chicken, and if I roasted the veggies before adding them to the pot. I do roast the vegetables when I make beef or veal stock, and I think that adds a richer flavor and nice color. I love the way my soup turns out now, and so does my family, and I'm tempted not to mess around with the "tried and true." On the other hand, I'm always looking to tweak my recipes to make them better. What changes might I anticipate if I use roasted ingredients instead of raw?

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  1. I've used a roast chicken in my chicken soup with great results. What I do is shred all of the meat from the bones and reserve it. Then I toss the bones, some onion, carrot, celery etc. with some olive oil and roast it in a hot oven until golden brown - this is what I use to make a deep, rich chicken stock. Pretty much like starting a demi glace; cover the roasted bones and vegetables with water and simmer away until ready to be strained and reduced.

    After you make the rich broth, then begin making your usual soup with fresh vegetables and the shredded chicken.

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      This is how I make my soup as well. I'm not a huge fan of boiling raw chicken, and I can get a great soup by roasting the chicken and then the stock base. The meat seems to have a an increased richness, and a better texture, than with a boil.

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        I have some sitting in my fridge as I type. I made a big batch from a rotisserie chicken the end of last week. Pretty much the same as krisrishere. It is so much better than boiling the raw as onceadaylily said. I also added some fresh rosemary while cooking and whatever other spices you might like. Yum.

    2. I've done this many times & get a really rich stock that's ready to be a soup. Taste it before you add any salt as the rotisserie chicken usually has lots already.

      I save the rotisserie bones in the freezer to use for stock making. Then once I have 5-6 carcasses, I will make it.

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        That's a great idea -- saving the carcasses from the rotisserie chickens! Makes perfect sense, just like saving the shells from lobsters to make stock.

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          I have made both chicken soup from chicken and vegetables and chicken soup from bones from roasted chicken. I like the one with bones which produces a jellied consomme.

        2. I had totally forgotten about the "bonus" that comes with roasting the chicken first -- that yummy fond that I deglazed with water and added to the soup pot. Soup's simmering now; I can hardly wait to taste it.