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Sep 15, 2010 06:14 AM

Monroe, Louisiana

I'm headed to Monroe for the weekend. Where should I eat? Is there a local specialty -- barbecue? tamales? I'm open to 'most anything

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  1. Cypress Inn is excellent for lunch or dinner and serves some fine cajun food. Get off I20 at Exit 118. The BBQ at Danken Trail is good. Gabbeaux's is a dive with good cajun food. Not just pie has outstanding po boys and the pie's good too. Warehouse has good food for lunch or dinner.

    Cypress Inn @ 7805 Desiard St., Monroe, LA 318 - 345 - 0202.
    Danken Trail BBQ @ 7712 Desiaard St., Monroe, LA. 318 - 343 - 0773.
    Gabbeaux's Bayle's Landing @ 113 South Riverfront Street, West Monroe, LA 318 - 322 - 8278.
    Not Just Pie @ 2117 Forsythe Ave., Monroe, LA 318 - 322 - 9928.
    Warehouse # 1 @ 1 Olive St., Monroe, LA 318 - 322 - 1340.

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      I have a friend that loves Ray's PeGe (50+ years in business, famous for po boys) and The Chateau (also open forever, kitschy Italian place, best at suppertime). I haven't heard anything about The Chateau in ages, though, so I hope they are still open.

      I've been to the Mohawk Tavern (another older place) and *love* their steaks.

      These are all "old" Monroe / West Monroe, hard to think of being anywhere else.

      Littleman may have some good ones in his list, I've just never been to any of those.

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        I forgot about Mohawk Tavern. I had lunch there the last time I went through Monroe on my way to Dallas. The seafood is outstanding. And Ray's has a great Po Boy. There are two Ray's.

        Ray's Pe Ge @ 8209 Desiard Street, Monroe, Louisiana 318 - 343 - 0710.
        Ray's Pe Ge @ 1501 Cypress Street, West Monroe LA 318 - 807 - 7343.

    2. Here's a link to an old CH thread on Monroe which mentions most of the restaurants mentioned here. It's from the General South Archive which most rarely use. No doubt Mohawk is the place to go for sure. I know I enjoyed it.

      1. Many thanks. I feel well armed

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          Bon Appetit.....................