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Sep 16, 2005 02:37 PM

Beard Papa Opening...

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I posted earlier about when Beard Papa would open. I emailed them and they informed me the Hollywood & Highland store would open 9/23 and the Pacific Square one in Gardena would open on 10/21. Hope everybody enjoys their cream puffs without getting fat!


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  1. And with Skoobys across the street... Dang, that's just trouble...


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    1. re: Dommy!

      I'm sensing an upcoming 'Hound outing here...!

    2. Was waiting for them for a while to open here, i heard they have a number of locations coming up

      1. 'Bout bloody time! In the words of solcal -- "choux me, already!" Can't wait to try those little guys.

        1. open on valley in alhambra.