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Sep 15, 2010 05:33 AM


I have started to watch these and now they have Chopped Champions.

Is it really the mark of a good chef/cook who can whip up a 3 course meal with such odd ingredients which don't go together and are included just because - desserts with pickles, tortilla chips, entrees with white chocolate chips, sugary breakfast cereals?

what do you all think?

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  1. Reality cooking shows -- be it Chopped or Top Chef -- is really about chefs who are able to cook and think on their feet. Not necessarily who the best chef is, per se.

    Lots of chefs can cook extraordinarily, but wouldn't be able to think quickly enough on their feet to improvise and make a competent dish with 1 out of 4 ingredients that do not match -- naturally -- with the other 3. (I mean, seriously, pickles in your dessert basket along with fruit loops, etc.?)

    1. Ahhh but those corn meal coated sweetbreads looked succulent.

      1. It is entertaining to watch and my husband and I talk about what we would make. I wonder how much sweat and blood is in the food considering the preponderance for cutting fingers.

        1. I like it, it's definitely made me thinking about certain ingredients in different ways.

          1. The bizarre combination of ingedients makes this show less interesting for me. I think the competitors are fierce, but the whole competition is kind of silly.

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              I agree, I would find it much more enjoyable if they wouldnt get a "weird" item or two in the basket. If the baskets were filled with delicious items that at least made a little bit of sense the show would be much more interesting to me. Watching people try to create a dish out of vienna sausages, truffles, and gummy bears does not do it for me.