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Sep 15, 2010 01:15 AM

Short Ribs

Anyone know where the cheapest place to buy big chunk short ribs are? I live in Pasadena, but can go as far as OC or LA. Not the thin kind used for Korean bbq, but the kind used for braising? I need to buy about 25lbs for a party but I am on a limited budget. Thank you so much!

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  1. Hard to find them cheap the last few years. But I've noticed some asian markets and latino markets seem to have them cheaper than others. I've noticed Top Valu seems to be about $.50-1 a pound cheaper. Top Valu seems to put them on sale regularly and run around $3/lb

    1. Try Cost Co. Note, they only sell boneless short-ribs.

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      1. I've tried to buy it at Ralph's before and the meat attached to each rib was pretty slim. I know you asked for the cheapest, and they probably aren't, but I would just get it at Hows. If they don't have any, they'll order it for you... just give it a few days. And if you decide you want to spend the big bucks, go down the street to Howie's/Alexander's.

        If you really wanted to go cheap, I would do what Jase recommends and go to a carniceria. I've never seen short ribs in big chunks at the asian markets.

        1. If you are in Pasadena, go to Alexander's Meats inside of Howie's Market in San Gabriel. I've gotten terrific short ribs there.

          1. For a party, Costco, definitely. They are boneless, meaty. Probably about 3/4# each piece.