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Sep 14, 2010 09:33 PM

Yom Kippur Break-The-Fast ideas?

I must be out of my mind because after fasting for 24 hours and standing in Synagogue all day, I'm having a small crowd, about 10 people or so, over for a light break the fast meal. I'm just not sure what to serve.

I definitely want it to be dairy, and I thought about a dairy noodle kugel, blintz souffle, some sort of egg dish like fritatta, bagels, cream cheese... honey cake of course. cookies? Muffins? Sweet rolls? I have several blocks of cream cheese in the fridge, as well as a package of puff pastry...Any ideas?


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  1. You could also do some egg salad and tuna salad. You can have the eggs boiled before the holiday or even make the salads the day before. That way they'll be easy to put out on the table. I always do a kugle and bagels and cream cheese and lox, too.

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      Our staple is veggie lasagna with lots of spinach and zucchini. Yum.

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        We head towards dairy/veggie too. I've done a spinach and mushroom lasagna, but done separate roll-ups and they were very well-received. A yummmmy kugel fits right in too. But, may there always be bagels, lox and schmears available; may it ever be so. : )

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          Is it a break-the-fast without bagels and schmear?

    2. Since you are actually observing the fast, anything that can sit from Friday morning. Kugel is a great idea since it can be served cold, warm, or hot. Bagels and cream cheese, of course. Any good smoked fish you can get you hands on. This year we're splurging and have ordered a whole whitefish. The big treat for us is that I'll be making babka. Muffins are always quick and easy to do and you can start with a neutral base and add different fruits or spices to make an assorted muffin basket. And full-sugar soda is always welcome.

      If your guests have been fasting too, you don't need to put on a 10 course gourment banquet. Anything, and I mean anything, will be appreciated.

      1. You could make stuffed eggs instead of egg salad, fresh fruit, cut up vegetables. I prefer coffee cake or pound cake to honey cake but as rockycat suggests, everything will taste good after the fast. We have made herring salad some years.

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          OK, so far I've made a gorgeous marble cake and my famous honey cake. I will definitely get bagels and cream cheese etc, and I'll check out the smoked fish at my local store to see if anything looks good. Yes, my guests will be fasting as well, and I know that anything will be good at that point, but why not make it GREAT? :) That lasagne saounds wonderful but I'm sticking with a simple dairy noodle kugel since I have all the ingredients. I hadn't thought about stuffed eggs- everyone likes those. Sounds good! :)

          Happy New Year, and t those who are fasting. have an easy one!

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            Thank you Miri! In English, I'm Marci, virtually I'm Mamachef, but the name my family calls me is Malka. : ) Pleased to meet you.
            Something I saw we forgot to address was the puff pastry. If you blanch asparagus and wrap it in smoked salmon, and then spread your pastry with dilled cream cheese and make "seegars" (as Zaydeh would say), roll and bake? Serious hit on your hands. You could even put a dabby of good horseradish in there too. These can be made ahead, which is nice, and people fall all over themselves to get to them, eat them, and then hoard them.

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              Nice to meet you Mamachef/Malka.Marci! LOL Those soud amazing0 I love asparagus. If I have a chance, I'll pick some up, otherwise I'll make either a savory snack thing, r some rugelach since those are fast and I'm running out of time! :)

              I've also added a cheese and onion quiche and a tomato tart to my menu- both simple and quick. Plus easy to reheat and will be good cold, as well.

        2. We always have a crowd for break the fast. I have salmon brining at the moment that will be smoked for Nova lox and bagels. My wife always makes oven French toast, kugel, maybe a blintz souffle.