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Sep 14, 2010 09:14 PM

damas restaurant

Opens this Friday, only evenings at present, can anyone see a menu description on their facebook site...

what is the name and location of their sister restaurant

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  1. Kaza Maza, down the same street (near Villeneuve, Damas is near Fairmount). Damas is supposed to be a bit fancier. I do hope all the road work on Parc won't be too detrimental to their business. 4629 du Parc Montréal, QC H2T 1S1 (514) 844-6292

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      I thought i would try kaza maza on parc near mont royal as an option in future when visitors in town, well today they and sister restaurant got knocked off my list as waitress was out to lunch in every sense, spent the two hours i was there socializing with male in kitchen, most of the time there was only me in restaurant with my appetizer of mouhammara (seemed oversalted to me) and while I waited for my chilian fish (bar) which never came as she seemed to have cancelled the order. I had told her I was considering ordering the octopus but she told me most people ordered the bar so I went with that thinking maybe they werent too successful with octopus. I asked if it came with rice she said it came with nothing i would have to order accompaniments so i said i would have the mouhammara instead of rice or other accompaniment, she said that was a cold appetizer that the hot appetizers were on other side of menu, i said cold appetizer was fine. I finally said where is my fish and learned it would never be coming and she kept smiling, I said this was not a funny situation that I was starving after waiting for a meal which never materialized and on a beautiful sunny afternoon when I could have been doing other things. She continued to smile. She waited for me to pay the 10$ for my appetizer and looked unsympathetic, probably anxious to get back to socializing with the male in the kitchen. Most unprofessional restaurant staff I have met in a long time, so scratched off my list since there are many other choices in Montreal. I left frustrated and hungry but after getting a quick bite elsewhere was glad i didnt have to spend $20 to try their fish when I could go to a restaurant where clients mattered!

      1. re: wilmagrace

        I'm so sorry, wilmagrace. We (self and a female friend) have been to Kaza Maza three times, once quiet, once busy, and a third during an event (a poetry and music day) and every time, we had attentive and courteous service, and good food.

        1. re: lagatta

          That's a shame about the infuriatingly incompetent service at Kaza Maza. Like lagatta, I've been to Kaza Maza several times (a couple when they were very busy, a couple when they weren't), and they've always been welcoming and friendly, a reason (along with the good food) for returning. The last time they were closing the kitchen when we got there but, seeing our disappointment, kept it open and didn't rush us at all. The staff has seemed slightly unpolished on occasion but not at all in a rude way. If I were them, I'd want to know about your experience, so it wouldn't get repeated on other diners.

          1. re: vermontrealer

            They were genuinely thrilled when I told them I thought having an unlocked glass-fronted fridge full of bottles of wine not might be a good idea. (I'm sure it is locked by now - the WC is in their cellar).

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        1. Friends and I were planning to go on Saturday for a post-Rheingold birthday dinner but just learned that the Damas still doesn't have a liquor licence. Bummer!

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            Damas received their liquor license 3 weeks ago, it's confirmed:)

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