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Sep 16, 2005 01:28 PM

Good eats near Pasadena City College?

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I've just enrolled in a weekend class at PCC - the school's more or less at Colorado & Hill in Pasadena, and I drove around last weekend but didn't see a lot of promising options. Any decent eating options within walking distance or a quick 5-min. drive that you all would recommend? I've usually got an hour for lunch, I'd rather not spend it in the purgatory that is the Burger King on the corner all the other students seem to frequent!!!

Thanks a mil for your help...

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  1. You've got a ton of great options...

    If you go west on Colorado from Hill, you'll find a Zankou Chicken (pita wraps, chicken, hummus) (a few doors west from McDonalds).

    If you go a few more blocks west (maybe 1/4-1/2 mile) (towards Lake), you'll find a couple great Thai places (PresidentTwo (upstairs above Subway) and Taste of Bangkok (between Mentor/Lake).

    In that same area (Mentor/Lake), there's a great bakery (Euro Pane) and Lovebirds Cafe has decent sandwich options (but the lunch time rush can be ridiculous).

    If you like Indian, there's a couple Indian buffet options (Rahdika's (Between Lake/Mentor and Cordova/Green) on a little street/alley called Shopper's Lane). There's also one upstairs by PresidentTwo - but I can't recall the name.... New Dehli, perhaps?

    If you go south on Lake, you'll find more food options (Wheatberry (great sandwiches)), Zono Sushi (good lunch specials)... a little further down (Lake/Del Mar) is Corner Bakery (sandwiches/salads)..

    Some so-so Mexican chain options: Sharkey's is the best, IMO (on Cordova, just west of Lake) - there's also a Rubio's (on Lake) and a Baja Fresh (on Del Mar, just east of Lake) - if you are into that kind of thing.

    Oh! and just so you can weigh in on the heavily debated Pie n' Burger, check it out as well -- (on California, just east of Lake).

    That should keep you busy for awhile. If you are looking for anything in particular, let us know!


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      On the other side of Corner Bakery (Del Mar and Lake) is The Boiling Pot. Japanese shabu shabu with a great tapas and dessert menu if you don't want to do shabu. I go there at least twice a week.

    2. If you want a burger or chicken sandwich - that type of thing - your best bet in the area is Tops, which is located on the SW corner of Walnut (one major street N. of Colorado) and Allen (next major street east of Hill). Fantastic onion rings and fried zucchini. Burgers are the thin, charbroiled variety. They also have chicken sandwiches, burritos, etc.

      Definitely better than McDonald's, Burger King, etc.

      You probably noticed the Tommy's on Hill, north of Colorado.

      I second the rec for Zankou. Probably the closest, best, cheapest option.

      Go a couple blocks east on Colorado and you'll find a place called Big Mama's & Papa's pizza. Big slices of thin-crust pizza, that's a lot better than you would expect. Seems like a good lunch option.

      There's a Thai place directly across the street from PCC that isn't bad. Not the best in the area, but certainly convenient.

      Slightly more than a 5-minute drive, but no more than 10, you'll find a huge Whole Foods Market at the corner of Foothill & Rosemead (take 210 east to Rosemead North exit).

      Whole Foods has a tremendous prepared foods section; they do nice sandwiches to order; and all kinds of other stuff. There's a really nice variety of things to choose from. I think you could make it there, get something, bring it back and eat it in less than an hour.

      1. Mediterranean Cafe has really good kebabs and is inexpensive. No decor, just good food. Go west on Del Mar and turn right into the parking lot just before getting to Lake St (where Baja Fresh is). The place is two doors in, next to the Mission Art School and Wahoo's.

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          Is this the place where the proprietor is a bit of a grouch, won't serve any food 15 minutes before he closes, has the lights off, the chairs on the tables, and sweeps right under the feet of the patrons at the outdoor patio 10 minutes before closing?

          If so, the place is ok, but Zankou wins hands down in my opinion. There is no other place that does garlic sauce like they do! Just had their leftovers for lunch. Mmmmm.

          1. re: Sasha

            That's the place. It closes at 8:00 p.m. The food is really good however. I get the combo steak & chicken kabob or the groud beef & chicken kabob. Its not on the menu but just ask for it. They serve it with hummus, a nice feta salad and good rice pilaf.

            The place is, in my humble opinion, better than Zankou.

            The owner is kinda rude the closer it gets to closing. I suspect he has a hottie waiting for him somewhere.

        2. I would add Brit's the the list. A few blocks east of PCC on Colorado. They have best fish and chips in the area.


          1. Two quite adequate Mexican joints are Amigos, at Colorado and Wilson, and Lupita's, in the strip mall on the NE corner of Colorado and Sierra Madre. The latter has I think better food, and is cheaper (and much plainer). Check out their dark-roasted salsa. There's also Rosarita's at Craig and Walnut (next door to In-N-Out), which I've heard raves about from Latino co-workers but have not yet tried.

            There's a Hamburger Hamlet, if you like those, on Lake between Cordova and Del Mar, and Green Street Cafe in the block north of that, both accessible from Shopper's Lane. HH actually has some decent stuff - I love their fish and chips, and the Cajun burger - and GS is pretty good if pricey for lunch, though I'll never try dinner there again.

            Oh, and speaking of fish and chips, Brit's at 1770 E. Colorado is supposed to have the best around, though I've yet to test that assertion.