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Sep 14, 2010 08:13 PM

Gnocchi at Le Petite Cour, 8 Mabillon

Yes, it may be a gauche little restaurant stuck below street level and I would not waste your time mentioning it, except for one thing. I arrived to meet a young couple. We ordered a very nice bottle of 2003 La Sofia from Saint-Emilion and, as I sipped and perused the menu I noticed something I had not noticed before during this trip to Paris. There, in the middle of the page was gnocchi. I love good gnocchi and this was excellent stuff. The sauce was light but was full of flavor and the gnocchi was perfectly done. If I had the pleasure of living in Paris I would definitely, DES temps en temps, visit this restaurant just for the gnocchi. Just thought you might like my humble opinion.

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  1. A few years ago our apartment for the trip was at 16 Mabillon, so we walked by Le Petite Cour everyday. On Sunday night with few choices for dinner we stopped by and, in fact, shared gnocchi, some veggies and sauce, a salad and a bottle of chianti. The owner was an interesting guy, who tried very hard to please us. And, we had a nice evening as everything was very good, but haven't been back.