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Excellent Felafel found

This place just opened on Greenwood Ave betw. 83rd & 85th. I was really delighted by their felafel...the best I've had in Seattle: interesting flavors of cumin and coriander seed, nice textural contrast of smooth center & crunchy exterior...not greasy...definitely a 'cut above'. Surprising spicy 'bite' in both the hummus & baba ghanouj; also has a pleasant dining space.

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  1. Sounds good! What's the name of the place?

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      King Felafel Grill, 8317 Greenwood Ave. N. 98103

    2. Have you ever tried the felafel at Zaina's near Pioneer Square for comparison? That's the best I've found in Seattle so far.

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        Sounds like a beautiful felafel, staffstuff.

        As "felafel sandwiches" go, though, have to agree with RandyB - Zaina's is wonderful. These are not the lettuce and tomato stuffed variety like you find at Med Mix and most other locals. The location downtown by Macy's closed a few years back, but the ones they made there were spicy and magical.

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          I think they moved the Zaina's that used to be by Macy's down a block or two over by the Nordstrom Rack on Pine between 1st and 2nd. I have been meaning to get over there as I used to love the Pioneer Square one when I worked on that side of town.

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            I hope the one you're referring to is not associated with the Pioneer Square Zaina revered on this board (I've sadly not made it down there yet). Having only a few minutes for lunch, we stopped in to the said falafel place on Pine and 1st and waited about 10 minutes before being helped despite being the only ones inside. French fries with my falafel (leftover from my Europe study abroad days) are one of my faves. They begrudgingly scrapped the last of the previous batch together. The falafel sandwich was decent, but I noticed only 2 or 3 actual balls. There were some veggies and sauces beyond tahini and l&t, but overall, it was pretty meh.

        1. Maybe the reopened King Falafel Grill?

          King Falafel Grill
          8102 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

          1. Not to discount the new place--I just haven't made it up there yet, but the far and away best felafel I've found in town is at Mawadda down in the south end.

            1. Med Mix in Pioneer Square, (1st Ave S. and S.Washington) has some really good falafel, also some of the best hummus & baba ghanouj in the city all there sauces and spreads are made daily.
              i always order the falafel plate, it comes with everything, pita, salad and sauces.

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                any of the places above have real salad toppings on the falafel, besides drab lettuce and tomato? in search of israeli-style toppings, like pickled beets, sauteed cauliflower, marinated carrots etc etc.

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                  Zaina's makes a roasted cauliflower sandwich as well. They have mixed the cauli and falafel for me in the past, which is tasty. Not so sure about the pickle, though...

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                    You can get all that at Hallava in Georgetown. It's somewhat different from the usual falafel sandwiches being offered in Seattle.

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                      I love salad type toppings, too, and Hallava is the only place I've been that has them (I didn't realize the guy was still in town, though). It seems unusual in the US for falafel places to have a variety of toppings. I didn't realize that was Israeli-style--so is that the issue? Someone Lebanese or Syrian, etc, wouldn't offer all the toppings?

                      I just don't get the love for Zaina. It's just been awful the times I've been.

                  2. Yes, Hallava is the place. He puts it in the falafel for you and there is no salad bar but it really is good

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                      Where in Georgetown is that? I have seen a food truck parked behind a fence off of Airport Way. Is that it? It didn't look open - what are the hours?

                    2. Ooh! I LOVE this place! The meat is so flavorful. However, the wait can be very long. So, either call ahead, or bring some work or a good book.