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Sep 14, 2010 07:06 PM

is there a great bakery and coffee shop in old montreal?

hi we are staying at the Nelligan in early october is there a nice bakery/coffee shop to walk to in the early am? thanks

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    1. re: kpzoo

      I have yet to find either in Old Montreal, but coffeeshops all over, nothing special. Olive & Gourmando is only sitdown pastry shop I recall and it is close to Nelligan. You might try the new coffee pastry place opening in downtown Montreal in October in Birks jewellery store (mezzanine level) opposite the Bay department store -- desserts and inhouse chocolates will be a specialty. Will have lunches, dinners, teatimes or you can go for desserts. It is on Ste Catherine St. so you have lots to do after your coffee,as is main shopping area, there is also the contemporary art museum nearby.
      You can call them when you arrive to get more info and be sure it opened on schedule
      1240 Phillips Square
      Montreal 514 397 2511

      You might want to try desserts and coffee at this new restaurant opening in October in Old Montreal just up the street from Marche Bonsecours. They will be serving meals but i find if you go after busy period clients are usually welcomed for just coffee and dessert. It seems info is only on facebook at this point

      1. re: wilmagrace

        You can actually get anything to go at Olive & Gourmando.

        1. re: sir_jiffy

          it looks good and just a short walk from the hotel...which bagel do you like?

            1. re: kevin25

              slight preference for Fairmount, but you could go either way.

        2. re: kpzoo

          Olive et Gourmando is the obvious choice.

          As an alternative, i'd suggest Les Glaceurs which is a cupcake/gelato place. Their cafe is quite cute, their cupcakes delicious, and their coffee is good... It's not a french cafe but i thought it was worth mentioning.

          Olive et Gourmando
          351 Rue Saint-Paul Ouest, Montreal, QC , CA

        3. Was just in Montreal this w/e stayed at the Intercontinental which is 4 blocks from OG, they are open on Sunday, but not until 8am. The two bagel joints, St. Viateur and Fairmount are not located walking distance from the Nelligan. Worth your while to check them out for a snack however at some point.

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          1. re: Fallon

            No issue walking from Old-Montreal to either bagel places; with no stop, you can make in in about one hour

            make it a walk'n'eat event, via "chinatown", schwartz's, patatipatata, couple of portugese chicken places, couple of indian places, bagels , .... beer, coffee, ..., ....

            1. re: Maximilien

              i like the idea... if we get half way tolerable weather that sounds fun

          2. - Cafe Luna D'Oro (469 St-Francois-Xavier) (cute spot painted yellow and owned by a very nice lady. good coffee and small selection of pastries made on the spot.)
            - Le Petit Hotel (168 St-Paul ouest) (it's a hotel, but they make wonderful coffee! not a bakery though)
            - Another vote for Olive & Gourmando (351 St-Paul ouest) (great pastries and croissants - sandwiches too, overpriced coffee, cozy decor)
            - Marche de la Villette (324 St-Paul ouest) (French-themed spot, a little cheezy, but they have French pastries on hand and accordion music always playing, if that's your thing)
            - Cafe Bistro Serafim (393 St-Paul est) (interesting spot, eveything is made there, heavy emphasis on organic products. the zucchini cake, though a bit pricey, is absolutely delicious)

            393 St Paul E, Montreal, QC H2Y1H3, CA

            Cafe Luna
            9181 Boul Maurice-Duplessis, Montreal, QC H1E6M3, CA