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Sep 14, 2010 05:29 PM

Good Steak and Seafood

We will be in Montreal end of the month and would like to eat at a Good steak place thats not too pricey $$
Wife wont eat red meat so fish or seafood a must as well
How is Steak Frites ?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Here's a thread to get you started:

      As for Steak Frites, it's not bad and the prices are alright, but they only have one non-meat option which is a salmon filet. You can see the menu here:

      1. Sorry if you read my now deleted first post, I wasnt aware that there was a restaurant actually called steak frites in is hard to find a really good steak place in mtl and also hard to find a really good seafood restaurant; I suggest you look into Cafe Ferreira, F Bar, and Brasserie T. They serve really good food and have both red meat and seafood.

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          Do any have web sites ?
          thx for the quick reply

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              heres a thread on fbar, both F and T are beside each other so you can check out menus on site or on web, best to make reservations; they are located next to contemporary art gallery and place des arts (symphony orchestra, theatre, dance).

              I enjoyed the steak at T Brasserie, reasonable at $20ish, but i find in quebec medium rare is quite rare so you might go for medium if you like rare! it is not fancy place but is central and informal. There is a fountain show opposite T going on til oct. 8