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Sep 14, 2010 05:16 PM

Congratulations, Boulder!

You have been names by Bon Appetit as "America's Foodiest Town 2010!"

Bon Appetit
13 W Main St, Cut Bank, MT 59427

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  1. I run so I can eat. The article is right on as far as that goes. I do feel lucky to live here. Does that change any of your thoughts for your visit?

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    1. re: RobynS

      Well, it does put me back on the fence for The Kitchen. Pizzeria Basta sounds good. I never met a wood fired pizza I didn't like, but we have several good wood fired places in Mpls/St. Paul, so I'll probably give that a pass. I am definitely going to Farmer's Market! And I will be seen at Bitters. Frasca will be closed while I'm in Boulder. :(

      1. re: rp1760

        One point in favor of the Kitchen is that it's about as "Boulder" as you get (at least, in terms of higher end food... Mountain Sun is probably as "Boulder" as you get for a more downscale hippie vibe, in a good way). Their emphasis on local and sustainable food is at the fore, but never interferes with making fabulous food. Although SALT and Kitchen are, in my mind, similar enough that I probably wouldn't hit both in the same weekend.

    2. We're used to being named the fittest, healthiest, best for runners, best for cyclists, etc., and now foodiest! Last week, we would have also been "Closest to a major wildfire," but fortunately, that's over. Bon Appetit pushlished some Boulder recipes too, incl one from Fasca (