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Sep 14, 2010 05:08 PM

Where can I find fresh yeast?

I want to bake my own bread again. In Germany you can find fresh yeast (these little moist cubes wrapped in foil or waxed paper) in every supermarket in the cool section. Not so much here. The Coop I go to only carries dry yeast. I called around (Kowalski's, Lund's,...) and if at all they only have it during the holiday season.

Please help! I find it makes quite a difference.

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  1. You might just try a different coop. I don't shop for it, so I don't know about yeast other than there are varieties (brewer's yeast, baker's yeast, etc.) but I see some yeast in the refrigerated section of Mississippi Market.

    And I wonder if a store like Northern Brewer would carry it in the form you're looking for. Check .

    1. I buy fresh yeast at Cub Foods (at least the one in Woodbury) in the refrigerated section near the cream cheese it can be easy to miss because it comes in small 2 ounce packages. I've also seen it at Whole Foods in St. Paul. The brand is Red Star.

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        I will check this when I go to my Cub... I didn't even know they had it!

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          Thanks for the good info. Cub in St. Paul had it. Whole Foods carries it, but they were out of stock.

          I was appalled that a lilttle cube costs $2.30, though! In Germany the same thing is about 50 cents. Plus when I opened it, it was very dry and looked nothing like the fresh yeast I'm used to. Hmh... Maybe I will bite the bullet and bake with dry yeast after all...

        2. Has anyone since found a source for larger quantities than the 2oz bricklets at Cub ?
          I am also looking at buying fresh yeast.
          Preferably in a 1lb/500 gm brick.

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            If anyone has a restaurant depot account they for sure have it there...1lb brick refrigerated.

          2. Just saw a post on Mn.General
            Someone called Kowalskis

            The poster is expecting to receive a 1lb brick of fresh yeast from their baking dept, delivered to his local store

            Expected cost is supposed to be $1 for the brick.

            Suggestion was to go to your nearest Kowalskis and ask the manager to get some for you.