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Sep 16, 2005 12:39 PM

Z sushi

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Has anyone been lately. I know that it is well regarded in prior posts but I have nit heard anything recently about it. We were thinking about dinner there tonight. Anything we should try or is there a particular sushi chef that I should trust, since we usually go for omakase.


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  1. Was there a month ago. It was excellent. We didn't do omakase, but toward the end we started asking our chef what he thought we should have, and he started blowing our minds.

    Toshi is the senior chef, and is universally highly regarded, but every spot in front of him was taken, so we sat toward the right of the bar, and our chef was WONDERFUL. Just hilarious -- made the evening.

    It's hard to go wrong here. I would like to hear opinions from other hounds, because I think it may be better than anything in Little Tokyo. I know that sounds unlikely -- maybe the place (or I) was just on an up night?

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      I've never done the sushi bar at Z, so I can't really comment on that, but I've enjoyed every meal I've had there - probably about 10 of them in the past year. I usually order a variety of sushi plus a couple of appetizer thingys, which have been good as well.

      Although it's not on the menu, I almost always get an order of sunomono. It has been slightly different every time, but it has always included several different kinds of seaweed in addition to cucumber, and there's usually a bit of shrimp, crabmeat (real), or some other fish tossed in as well.

      One time the service left a lot to be desired, but it's been fine otherwise; they just had an off night.

      I don't think the sushi is as good as Tama or Nozawa (which are probably as good as or better than just about anything in Little Tokyo), but it's not that far below.

      1. re: Jack Flash

        and at a fraction of the price. i wouldn't consider going anywhere else in the area if Z is open. in terms of knowledge & fish quality in combination with his approachability he's up there, but i would grade him higher if he paid a little more attention to the rice which can be on the dry side.

      2. re: Jake

        The guy you had was Tsukahara, and I think he's just as good - especially if you speak Japanese.

        I've never had a bad meal there, and I can do without the crowds of places like Sushi Gen.

      3. Went recently, we were all a bit scared of raw fish there due to B rating on its door - so we opted for the California-roll-like sushi, which weren't bad. The entrees were also good-but-not-great (my friend commented that the "Mongolian Beef" didn't tasted very Mongolian, whatever that meant, :) .)

        But yeaa, it's only a few blocks away from where I live-- so looking forward to re-trying when their health grade's back up.

        1. i was at z-sushi saturday night. didn't notice the grade rating on the door, but i sat at the sushi bar and everything was very clean and well kept. the sushi chefs seem to be very particular and caring about the fish that is served. granted, i'm not a trained inspector or anything, but i didn't notice anything that would keep me from eating at the sushi bar. maybe some slight problems in the kitchen resulted in the rating?

          wrote a little bit about the visit on saturday here:

          1. By all means, try Z and yes, get omakase. Try to sit in front of Toshi if you can.

            Tuna Toast: