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Sep 14, 2010 03:21 PM

Hey New Yorkers- Know any good restaurants in Buenos Aires, Argentina? [moved from Manhattan]

Hi all-

I realize that this is the Manhattan board- but who knows food around the globe better than us?

My wife and I are travelling to Argentina/Uruguay (Colonia) in October, and we're on a mission to sample the best food possible. We eat everything- the more "local" the place, the better. We'll be in Buenos Aires for a total of 7 days. Any lunch/dinner recomendations? For dinner, we'd like a mix of low-key and high-end.

Chowhounders- Feed us well!!

Buenos Aires
513 E 6th St, New York, NY 10009

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I was in BA in May. These are the places I liked.

        Na Serapia
        Av Gral. Las Heras 3357
        Buenos Aires, Argentina
        Tiny hole in the wall place (look for it or you might miss it) across the street from a big park. This place serves traditional Saltena cuisine. All of the empanadas are great, you must get the Saltena meat. The tamales are also delicious. Perfect for lunch.

        La Vineria de Gualterio
        Bolivar 865
        San Telmo, Buenos Aires
        Holy Crap! This place is amazing. By far the best high end meal that I have had in Buenos Aires. The space is small but there is plenty of room. The lunch is normally 7 courses, but if you ask for more, they will accommodate you. The service blew me away, the all argentine wine list is affordable but amazing, and the food is a gift from heaven.

        La Marisqueria
        Av Gral. Las Heras 2745
        Buenos Aires, Argentina
        One of only a handful of restaurants in Buenos Aires that deals exclusively in seafood. This is a seafood market that has a small dining room on the second floor. The pulpo provancal is delicious.

        La Bourgogne
        Alvear, 1891,
        Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina -
        (0)11 4808 2100‎
        This was an amazing restaurant. When we went it was a Relais Chateaux property. Amazing high end french food with an Argentine touch. The service is amazing. With the favorable exchange rate this restaurant is a great deal.

        El Cuartito
        Talcahuano 937,
        Buenos Aires, Argentina
        Awesome pizza and empanadas. This place is worth the wait. An institution of the city, a figurehead of the Argentine style pizza. This place is great for a late night dinner. There are two dinning options, counter (lower prices but standing) or table

        Carrito Parilla
        White food cart across the street from the Observatorio Naval,
        under a sign that reads "Costanera Sur." Ask for Patricia or Claudio
        This place offers a great rendition of the classic parilla offerings, meat, sausage, and offals. This is a super working class place where the local truck drivers and port workers go to eat. The cart has several tables and chairs for customers. Also, there is a bathroom across the street, just ask.

        Café San Juan
        Avenida San Juan 450
        1147 Ciudad De Buenos Aires, Argentina
        Recommended to us by the server at La Vineria de Gualterio Bolivar. The cafe offers modern refined cuisine in a casual atmosphere. There are several small pates, both hot and cold, to choose from as well as entrees.

        I don't know if you are interested in ice cream, but if you are, BA is a dream. here are my favorites:
        Cadore: Sorry I don't remember the address

        Various locations through out the city
        A really good example of traditional Argentine ice cream culture.

        Helados Jauja
        Avenida Cervino 3901
        1425 Palermo, Capital Federal, 4801-8126‎
        This is the only Buenos Aires location of this chain. The ice cream is more like sherbet but it features the unique flavors of many Patagonian fruits and berries. Also, there are several sheep's milk ice creams on the menu. They are super liberal with samples so try them all. We recommend the limsau.

        Persicco: Various locations throughout the city.

        Various locations throughout the city.
        Great traditional Argentine sylte ice cream. I really enjoyed the mango al agua, which tasted amazingly fresh.

        Have a great trip!

        1. Yes!

          Just got back last Saturday. I was going to post restaurant we visited in Buenos Aires.

          Crizia - Good food. The service tends to be a serious and inconsistent. For ex: my dessert was served after spouse was already finished.

          Pura Tierra - Wonderful food and service. Very nice room. Great pisco sours. A thousand thanks to Chowhounder CasaSaltShaker for this wonderful suggestion.

          Sushi Club - Really good sushi and other very tasty Asian offerings. good lunch spot.

          La Cabrera - Tho' other posters rave about this place I wasn't too impressed. The place was packed, service was good the food adequate. Portions are tremendous and the server warns of such. But so much waste of leftover food.

          But the best of all was Sette Bacco. Set in an old brownstone type this restaurant served excellent food with very gracious service in a very nice setting. Highly recommemded. Shoutout to LaPerlaMia for this outstanding suggestion.


          1. IF you want the best steak in the city, by all means go to El Mirasol. They have three locations, the Puerto Madero one is very nice, although you get much better service if you sit inside. I can personally recommend the Asado de Tira, kind of like short ribs. Dress is pretty nice, dinner for two with wine and appetizers about 250 - 300 pesos.