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PA2GH - New Persian in West LA

It's in the old Mizbah space, on Santa Monica 2 blocks or so east of the 405.

They've cleaned it up from when it was Mizbah, with new paint and some dark wood. While Mizbah didn't look dirty, this somehow looks much cleaner and more modern.

The Ghormeh Sabzi will bring me back again. It's a dark green, almost black stew with a deep, rich flavor, almost like tobacco (although there's no tobacco in it). It's made with leeks, green onion, parsley, fenugreek and kidney beans. It comes with chunks of veal, but you can tell them you want it vegetarian and they'll exclude the meat.

It's delicious spooned over the accompanying Basmati rice.

Doogh is a drink consisting of yogurt, water, spices such as mint, and meat. Yes meat. I had to try it just because I've never had a meat drink before. It was tangy from the yogurt, spicy (but not hot spicy) and minty, and with more body than a tahn or lassi. I'll order this again, too.

Overall it was a nice filling lunch for about $15. They also have lunch specials in the $8-10 range. Free valet parking.

11033 Santa Monica Blvd. (east of Sepulveda)
West Los Angeles
(310) 444-0088

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    1. re: J.L.

      Hastam: Health and Safety Technology Management

    2. I have never heard or taste meat as an ingredient in doogh before. Is this something new?

        1. I'm Iranian, and I've never heard of doogh with meat. MEAT?!?! Odd.

          1. Thanks for the heads up. I'm a huge fan of Persian restaurants. Still, how does it compare to the other offerings in town.

            How is the kebab, though? I typically like to get some Lubia Polo or Albaloo Polo with shish and lula kebab. Right now, my go-to place is Shahrezad, and I'd like to know how PA2GH stacks up.

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            1. re: The Food Buster

              Im also wondering how this place stacks up against all the other Persian places in the area...

              1. re: The Food Buster

                I don't like Shahrezad, so I may not be a good barometer, but I thought the Cornish Hen Kabob was fine.

                I agree with the OP about the Ghormeh Sabzi - my lunchmate ordered it vegetarian and I took a bite and it was really, reallly good.

                You can find their menu on their Facebook page.



                I found this to be a great lunch place -- reasonably priced, easy parking in the parking lot and tasty food.

              2. And if anyone (other than me) was wondering about the derivation of the name of this place the following explanation was provided on a website:

                "The name PA2GH breaks down more or less to "Patogh," a Farsi word for hangout."

                ADD: One other thing. It is located almost across the street from Hole in the Wall Burger's - which is fortuitious if one person should want Persian and the other wants a great burger...

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                1. re: Servorg

                  One man's meat is another man's Persian?

                  1. re: New Trial

                    Not too worry. The have a veggie burger on the menu as well (and it's pretty damn good).

                2. I'm with everyone who says they've never heard of meat in doogh. I've grown up in Iranian kitchens, love cooking, and make my own doogh _ meat is not an ingredient that goes in it. Maybe the kitchen misplaced a kabob.