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Sep 14, 2010 02:38 PM

Deck 84 Delray Beach

the article doesn't say when it opens. At the site of Busch's.

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  1. Well, it doesn't say when it will open... other than in the lead sentence Smartie!

    "He’s been wowing South Florida diners since 1980, but opening by the end of October is what restaurateur Burt Rapoport hopes will be his “signature” achievement."

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    1. re: CFByrne

      sorry Charlie didn't see that!

      a chowdown?

    2. Heard about the name change, although I kinda liked Burts under the bridge

      yeah for Chuck, cant wait to check out the new menu!

      1. I'm happy to see something new go in there. This location has a ton of potential. I'm cautiously optimistic.

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        1. re: coffeyucf

          it is a lovely spot, I hope parking is not too difficult in season, they might benefit from the new Seacrest Hotel close by otherwise they have to find a way to attract locals out of season and tourists and locals in season away from the main drag of Atlantic Ave, otherwise it will be likely doomed.

        2. I hope it's good. I'd love to take a boat ride there.

          1. The challenge I think will be visibility. If you drive by that spot on Atlantic, it's virtually invisible as Atlantic Ave rises up to go over the Intracoastal and it is almost hidden beneath the roadway.

            Some of the Ave's seemingly most succesful spots (like it or not) such as Vic and Angelos, The Office, and Elwoods/Johnnie Brown's draw people in, I believe, by bringing the excitement right out to the street with their "open fronts".

            I don't think Deck 84 will be able to do this, so they'll have to rely on other things - great food, service, deals, energy, word-of-mouth...