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Sep 14, 2010 02:28 PM

Haddonfield's British Chip Shop

With my in-laws arriving next week from Ireland, I was craving some fish and chips. My husband and 5 year old daughter came with me on a Friday night around 6 p.m. Business seemed brisk, lots of take out and their outdoor tables were filled. Inside, we had only a few minutes to wait before we were seated at a table. Their menu is very focused on British food and warns that the food is made to order so we were prepared to wait. Although there is a children's menu, my daughter only wanted a bun to nibble on. My husband chose a burger and fries while I picked the small version of fish and chips. His burger was done exactly as he asked - nothing fancy but quite satisfactory. My fish was perfectly battered, light and crisp, our chips just a bit thinner than the chips I've gotten used in Ireland and England. The food was very fresh, hot and worth the wait. I happily doused my chips with vinegar and salt and dug in.

I only had one peeve - I had to flag the waitress down to ask for lemon and tartar sauce. Otherwise, service was fairly attentive. My husband chose the dessert with vanilla ice cream and one of his favorite chocolate bars, a Cadbury Flake.

All in all, I would definitely return and would love to try their brunch one weekend. The food was good although a tad pricey. Our bill ran about $40 for 2 sodas, the two entrees and a dessert. Cheaper than airfare to Dublin!

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  1. Do you have the name and address of this place? Or it is just called British Chip Shop?

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      It is located on 146 Kings Highway East. Haddonfield 08033. It's just a few shops away from the Starbucks and CVS on the same side of the street and around the corner from the town gazebo.

    2. We had a much different experience there last night. While the fish itself was good, the batter was just plain soggy and fell off in large chunks. The chips were all over the place- some undercooked, some OK and some greasy and limp, as if three different batches were mixed together and reheated. The pork pie would have been OK, but it was cold in the center. To give credit, the salad (mixed greens) was very good. I'll give them a couple of months to get it together before I go back.

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        We went back here last night, Much, much better! The fish was perfect, with great batter. Chips were again variable; I suspect from being "hand-cut" (smallest ones overcooked, largest undercooked, mid-size just right). My wife had the Big Ben Burger with Stilton, ordered medium-rare, served medium-well, but still very good. We'll be back.