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Sep 14, 2010 12:05 PM

The Pig--Chapel Hill

Had a nice lunch today at The Pig (630 Weaver Dairy Road). I had the pork sandwich, my husband had the large plate of pork .

The cue was coarsely chopped with a good hint of smoke. The mix included pieces of outside dark bits and a little fat. But, not enough fat to make the plate greasy. The meat was nice and moist.

The hush puppies had a good corn taste and weren't greasy either. The slaw was nicely tart and made a good foil for the meat. The plate included some of those good pickled cucumber slices that the Barbecue Joint used to serve.

One of the daily specials was a Hawaiian plate lunch (house-made sausage, rice, gravy). I used to enjoy an occasional plate lunch in Hawaii so a return visit to The Pig is a necessity. Another interesting item on the menu is pork belly. While I can't remember all the items on the Joint's menu, I thought I recognized some of the dishes from the old menu.

It is nice and bright inside with tables and counter seating. The ice tea was good and the food came almost instantly.

I am happy to have BBQ back on Weaver Dairy.

The Barbecue Joint
630 Weaver Dairy Rd Ste 101, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

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  1. I couldn't name a single restaurant with a less appetizing name.

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    1. re: durhamois

      I like it. There is a cute metal pig out in front, and they haven't overdone the whole pig theme inside. My least favorite restaurant names are Roadkill Cafe and Live Bait.

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        I nominate the restaurant Clint Eastwood used to own near Carmel: Hog's breath

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          Red Lobster
          Cheescake Factory
          Red Robin

          1. I've eaten here twice now so I figured I should make a post. The first time I got the pork plate, which now consists of pulled pork, cole slaw, pickled cucumber, and hush puppies-- so I guess the difference is the cole slaw instead of the cornbread that the Barbeque Joint used to serve IIRC. The pork tastes as before, not as good as Allen & Son but quite satisfying. I liked the cole slaw, it's not mayo-based and sweet but lightly vinegary. The pickled cucumber is just like before-- yummy, but I would prefer them a little less sweet. The hush puppiues are interesting. They are pillowy with a thin crust, like a fritter, and savory. I liked them but they are definitely different. The second time I enjoyed their pork belly sanwich. It was like a combo of brisket and pork fat.

            The platters are expensive but the other items don't seem too bad despite the fact that they are sourcing the meat from local farmers. It's good that they are supporting local farms but flavor-wise I couldn't tell the difference.

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            1. re: bbqme

              Just for clarification.. are hushpuppies not fritters?

              1. re: burgeoningfoodie

                Yes, technically I suppose they are. But hush puppies are generally quite dense. These are a much lighter form of fritter, almost like fried savory pancake batter.

            2. We had lunch at the Pig today, having BBQ sandwich with slaw on sandwich and side of pickles. It was tasty! The menu looked really good - I just thought sandwich would be good introduction to this new place. Of course, they had BBQ plates. Other menu items looked interesting, with some good vegetable options. I noted they had biegnets for dessert. Got to go try those one day!

              I really like the re-do of this place. It's so much fresher, cleaner, and bright. I'm glad it's in the neighborhood.

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              1. re: wintersummer

                Just ate here the other night. A friend gave it a good review but had done take out, perhaps we should have as well. I heard they are trying to support local providers and hope they succeed, the menu is interesting and the meats seem to be following a developing charcuterie theme in the area.

                First, the good. The pork belly sandwich was fantastic, tender meat, nicely flavored with the richness of the meat being offset by the bun. The pickles certainly look and taste homemade and are a nice find and as another poster noted, the slaw is also nice.

                Next, the rough. For me, the sausages are good but very rich and I will probably always get them with bread from now on. I think we got a kielbasa and a Hawaiin sausage but if so, I couldn't discern a great deal of difference between the two. And the hush puppies are different, in fact so different I wouldn't really call them hush puppies because they lack the depth of corn flavor I expect in my puppies.

                Finally, the horrible. The night we went, the housekeeping was horrendous, not just bad but awful and I am not that picky. But the floor was strewn with food particles, the used plate areas over flowing and a table was covered with food on top and around it. Looked like a two year old had been throwing food around. If the two year old were still around I would understand but they weren't and the staff walked by it more than 6 times. I'm really not that picky, but if you can't wipe down a table or sweep a floor I wonder about the care in the kitchen.

                Although the pork belly was good, I would be hard pressed to go back because of the housekeeping.

                I hope they are cleaner for others and succeed because the concept is interesting and any support for local providers is great.

                1. re: foodsearcher

                  Foodsearcher - I was there last night and they were actively cleaning tables. I made a mental note of that - because back in the old BBQ Joint days, I never saw anyone clean a table! (that's one of the reasons I stopped going). Back to the Pig - Floors were clean. Used plate area was about half full. Restroom was clean. I'm pretty picky about restaurant cleanliness and the Pig passed the test for me - at least it did last night. We will have to continue watching and see what happens.

                  1. re: wintersummer

                    It was clean when I went as well. It's a shame some people can be so thoughtless to make such a mess and not clean up after themselves. I appreciate counter service because it helps keep costs down, especially for lunch.

                    I also forgot to mention that the second time I went, they asked if I would like to try a pickled egg. It was delicious-- even the yolk, which I usually find too dry and mealy in a boiled egg.

                  2. re: foodsearcher

                    You hope they succeed but you wouldn't go back because of the housekeeping? I'm confused. Maybe it would be better to help them succeed by telling them in person the night you were there rather than posting a review publicly. Maybe I'm sensitive because I myself own a place that gets reviewed but, in any case, I've never seen it messy although I have also never been there at rush hour......

                    1. re: peanutress

                      peanutress, I agree a direct response is the correct way and usually the best. in this instance, it was such a mess (spilled food and a dirty rag on the table) the night I was there and the server walked by a half dozen times, I figured he didn't care at all. I guess I started feeling like if I said something, I would be pointing out the obvious that he didn't want to see. and there are allowances for bad days as well.

                      I'm thrilled to read recent visits have been clean for others and that the food is still good. the pork belly sandwich was delicious and with the recent posts, I will try it again. Great to have a place doing locally sourced and homemade food at this level and price range.

                2. This is a report on our second visit to the Pig. First visit was a great BBQ sandwich, this time was more of a dinner. We had the pork tenderloin special, which came with two sides. We had mac-and-cheese and collards. We often split orders and did so with this one - it was plenty for the two of us. Pork was wonderful, perfectly cooked, tender, and tasty. It had a nice slightly hot sauce - not exactly sure what ingredients were, but it was good. Mac-and-cheese great, collards great (maybe a bit too much liquid). Meal was $15 - a bargain, I think, for what we got. I'd go back just for this meal. We're interested in returning to try some of the other things listed on the menu board - pastrami, tamale, catfish sandwich. One more comment (in reply to an earlier post) - we found eating area to be clean, with one employee doing general tidy-up type work. When we left, he jumped on our table to wipe it down (we'd already moved plates, glasses, etc to the used plate area)

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                  1. re: wintersummer

                    I hit up The Pig today for a solo lunch. I really like the place!! They've opened up the space since I was there when it was The BBQ Joint and it helps. I ordered the pork belly sandwich, fries, and a Stone IPA. My total was $13, quite a bargain and I've been described as the cheapest man in the world. The service was rapid. My meal arrived a few minutes after I ordered it. The sandwich arrived in a plastic basket with a few house made pickles. BTW, they make their own bologna and other meats in house. Without even tasting the food, that level of dedication to craft is worthy of community support.

                    Back to the food. They served a healthy portion of soft pork belly topped with what was apparently pimento cheese on a plain hamburger bun. Initially, I found this quite odd... These guys focus on handcrafting of their own ingredients, so why use a bun like this? Pimento cheese on a this sort of a dish didn't work for me either. Then I tasted it. It was a revelation, plain and simple. Think of it less as a pork belly sandwich and more as a bbq sandwich deconstructed! Rather than serving pulled or chopped pork, they use pork belly which provides meat and fat together. The belly was sauced with a sweet, brown bbq sauce that was fine. What I thought was pimento cheese was actually slaw made from carrots. They use carrots, to achieve sweetness without adding sugar. The juices from the meat and the slaw blend together with the bun and we're truly more than the sum of the parts. The hamburger bun was there to anchor the dish to the traditional bbq sandwich. I loved the wit and reverence of this dish.

                    They served fresh cut fries in a salad bowl topped with a bit of kosher salt. Simple presentation. Great execution. Another winner!

                    The menu had an abundance of tempting items as specials and regulars. Addressing an earlier post, the restaurant was quite clean when I was there. No worries at all. This place really succeeded at lunch.

                    In conclusion, a great lunch needs to be flavorful, reasonably priced and fast. The Pig succeeded on all these counts quite well and is well worth a drive from Durham or the Cary area.

                  2. I was looking at the menu online. Perhaps this better falls under the recent post "Food so wrong it's right", but they have a dish under their specials called "gravy train":

                    Fries, gravy, ground kielbasa, cheese

                    My high school self would have killed for that dish after midnight on a Friday night!

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                    1. re: meatn3

                      I guess it's their version of poutine.

                      1. re: meatn3

                        Where is their menu posted online? I would love to check it out.