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Sep 14, 2010 11:39 AM

Best Italian Rum Cake?

Hey everyone,

My brother is coming to visit me soon, and he's an absolute nut for rum cake. I promised him I'd look around for the best in town, but I'm not really too familiar with the Boston baking scene, except for the cannolis. Any suggestions?

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  1. you might have to do some taste-testing on your own. Aside from the usual North End recommendations (Modern, Mike's, Maria's, Bova) I like Royal Bakery on Cambridge Street in Cambridge and Antoine's in Newton, but I haven't tried any rum cakes or baba rhum's from any of them.

    134 Salem St, Boston, MA

    1. I had a large cassata cake made at Modern for a party (which is a rum cake plus) . It was wonderful. Highly recommend. go to their web site for a description.

      1. While we;re on topic, where can I get a small one? Boston, metrowest or worcester?

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          Spinelli's in East Boston and Lynnfield as excellent rum cakes at reasonable prices.

          280 Bennington St, Boston, MA 02128

          1. re: edgewater

            If it's not convenient, you don't have to go into the North End to buy a Modern rum cake. The one in Medford Square makes great ones, too. They are not all the same, so you should be specific about what you want -- type of filling (I like strawberry custard, almonds on the outside or not, etc.