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Sep 14, 2010 10:22 AM

New Release, September 15th

Engineering is going to make some changes to the site tomorrow to address a couple of the most common concerns that arose out of the last release. You'll see these changes on profile pages.

When you visit your profile page after the change, it will include a Chowhound header, and the board selection navigation (including saved boards), so you can easily jump into the Chowhound boards.

You'll also see that 'My Posts', which is the first page you see when you click on view profile, has been renamed 'My Threads' -- it works the same way as it did before.

Renaming it frees up 'My Posts' for an actual view of the text of your posts, similar to the old All Activity. Unlike All Activity, however, this will be limited to Chowhound posts only -- CHOW comments won't be included. If you're viewing someone else's profile, you'll have this view of their recent posts, as well.

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    1. re: alkapal

      To Jacquilynne and the Chowhound team:

      I agree with Alkapal. The reinstatement of "All Activity" in its new form, My Posts, is a great example of a Chowhound user identifying a hole or need in the user experience, and Chowhound addressing that need promptly. Brava!

    2. Thanks Jacquilynne & Chowhound Team. ***much*** appreciated!

      1. Thanks, Jacquilynne. To you and the Chowhound team. You guys take a lot of guff from us on this side who sometimes think things have to be done our way. Thank you for putting up with us and coming through when it counts!

        1. How about reinstating the ability to sort posts by date started? It still seems silly to me that new discussion threads can get bumped off the first page simply because someone decides to comment on a thread that's two or three years old. I've pretty much given up reading the discussions on my primary board (Los Angeles) simply because I don't have the time to investigate to figure out if it's a new thread. If I want to read old discussions, that's what the search function is for.

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          1. re: Jack Flash

            Barring any problems, that function is currently expected to return in a mid-October release.

          2. thank you for hearing us!