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Sep 14, 2010 09:26 AM

Restaurants near Sofitel Hotel @ 5601 West 78th Street

First time to Minneapolis in 20 years. Any ideas for dinner near this location? I will have to take a cab-not renting a car. Open to anything local and good quality except a "white table cloth" experience. On google maps it seems that it's a really chain driven restaurant area.

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  1. A quick 10 minute cab to any of these:
    1. Cafe' Twenty Eight (West 43rd St - Linden Hills)
    2. Salut Bar or next door the Edina Grill ('downtown' Edina)
    3. Broder's Pasta Bar (Penn Ave)
    4. Al Vento (34th Ave South)
    All of these are solid with local brews and seasonal goodies.....

    Edina Grill
    5028 France Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55410

    Al Vento
    5001 34th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408

    1. You are, unfortunately, in a bit of chain hell down there. The first thing that came to my mind was Good Day Cafe. That would be less than 10 miles away.

      Otherwise, I'll defer to the expertise of others, since I'm in the opposite side of the metro area.

      Good Day Cafe
      5410 Wayzata Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55416

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        Not that I don't like GDC, but I it's more than 10 miles across some of the busiest freeways in the metro area. You may as well cab into downtown Minneapolis.

        The Sofitel is indeed in a very chain-driven area. Tavern on France and Ciao Bella would by my first two recommendations in the immediate area for semi-casual. Neither are going to excite you from a culinary perspective, but they're good options. Bonus if it's a nice day -- both have outdoor seating, Ciao Bella's patio is screened.

        I haven't been to Parma 8200 either yet, but my impression is that it might be too close to the "white tablecloth". The only photos I could find online make it look that way. Anyone? Maybe there's a bar area that runs more casual.

        Ciao Bella
        3501 Minnesota Drive, Bloomington, MN 55435

        Tavern on France
        6740 France Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

      2. Ciao Bella is pretty close- 494 and France Ave.

        Ciao Bella
        3501 Minnesota Drive, Bloomington, MN 55435

        1. Parma 8200 is a new Italian place that just opened and has been getting some good press. It's right across the interstate from your hotel - you could probably even walk. I haven't been there so I can't vouch for it, though.

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          1. re: keithinmpls

            I'll vouch for Parma, I have been couple times now... Don't be deterred by the corporate office building it's located in, the restaurant itself is beautiful inside and they have been putting out really good classic italian dishes...

            Also, nearby is Tavern on France (5 min ride), Oak City (opposite corner of 100/494 from the Sofitel), Joe Senser's (basic bar/food, but good), Red Stone (5-10 min ride to EP).

            Tavern on France
            6740 France Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

            Joe Senser's Sports Grill & Bar
            4217 American Blvd W, Minneapolis, MN 55437

            Oak City - Bloomington
            5001 American Blvd West, Bloomington, MN 55437

          2. lots of time in that area. went to ciao bella last night and not bad. another option in the other diection is grand szechuan on france and shakopee, go for the back of the menu for the good stuff.

            10 miles from the hotel is a pretty wide range, so it will extend into uptown where rinata (sister to al vento) is located. on the eat side of 35W you have corner table and cafe levain.

            but for a few extra miles you can get to the warehouse distrcit where bar la grassa is and on fourth you have saffron.

            btw - the sofitel has good food for you.