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Sep 14, 2010 07:51 AM

Chinese moon cakes

Does anyone know where I can get really good moon cakes? I am illiterate in Chinese, so if you can just give me the names of the stores, and anything else that will help me find the specific brand (descriptions would be appreciated). Thanks!

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  1. Go to T&T supermarket. There are tons of different brands you can find in there.
    The two very famous and good brand I suggest are :

    1. Traditional moon cake -Wing Wah brand. Get the white lotus seed paste with 2 yolks. Wing Wah is probably one of the oldest or the oldest mooncake maker.

    2. Modern style ice skin moon cake - Maxim brand. You can find it in the mooncake fridge section as it is served cold. It comes with many different flavor in different package, such as crispy chocolate, green tea, mango, sesame, apple .......

    I prefer the Maxim Ice skin mooncake, it is not as heavy.

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      Yes, the Maxim mango version is very good. Less sweet than the traditional ones which I find has a strange form of sweetness ( with a bit of saltiness! ). Personally, when I eat mooncakes, I just go for the salted egg yolks! Ha!

    2. I know you didn't ask for budget suggestions, but if you want cheap mooncakes Costco has decent ones for about $12, there is only one brand there. While my family tells me (I don't really eat moon cake) that Wing Wah has the best flavour and the smoothest lotus seed paste. Wing Wah is usually around $40 if you want the white lotus seed paste double yolk one.
      My family tends to stay away from the one sold at restaurants.

        1. re: AzulH

          AzulH, your reference thread is about locally made so-so moon cake, and OP is asking for really good moon cake. There is a different, if you know the taste.

          1. re: skylineR33

            Thank you - all tips were useful. Better get off my butt and go looking for some cakes. My mom used to order them from a lady who makes them from her Richmond Hill home....ahh, those were such great moon cakes.