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Blue Bell - Domenico's out... new resto opening 10/1 in old Blue Horse Inn space

and of course I completely forgot the name as soon as the sign was out of sight! I did get the impression that it's going to be another Italian themed restaurant... Carlo's Something? sheesh. now i'm going to have to drive by again tonight! ;)

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  1. Chef Salvatore's is the name.

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      i was out in left field, wasn't i!

    2. Thanks for posting. Hopefully this one will last longer than the predecessors in that space. There does seem to be a glut of Italian restaurants in the area right now.

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        There does seem to be a glut!

        We drove by last evening and I noticed that now the sign just says October instead of October 1. I tried googling, but didn't find a site yet.

      2. I noticed last night as I drove by they are making progress in their transformation... and there's a website posted on the sign... thatsamoretv.com
        it doesn't mention anything about the restaurant, just advertises the chef's tv program. bummer - I was hoping they'd have restaurant info posted - I suppose it's too early to hope for a menu. ;)

        1. Have heard that Chef Salvatore has a distinguished resume. We do know that he likes pink and seeing his name in quite large script above the front doors. A glut of Italian restaurants in the area is quite right indeed. By my initial count there are 10 within 10 minutes. Perhaps the chef's bravado can overcome both the glut and the curse on this location.

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            Sign today says they'll be open Thursday for lunch and dinner.

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                Same for the bakery in North Wales (can't find the OP) . . . well? Open\Not open? Good\Bad?

                I know we need a bakery; do we really need another Italian restaurant?

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                  A woman I know from work knows someone who went there and said it was good and affordable. that's all i've heard. nothing specific.
                  very few reviews yet when I google the name.

            1. I can only give a limited report. We had drinks at the bar and shared an appetizer of arancini. We were there the day after they opened, and they definitely had service problems. The guy who was helping behind the bar said they had called him to come in the day before opening to set up the bar. That seems a little late. The prices were very good. The arancini were good and were served hot. The restaurant wasn't overly busy, so maybe we benefitted by that. I would give it another try after some of the service kinks are worked out.

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                  I wrote a review under "Chef Salvatore". We have eaten at restaurants many (!!) times and this was our worst experience. Hubby (usually a very patient man), was so aggravated, he was about to walk out. If you look under Zagat's review site, you'll see other reviews, as well. Chef Salvatore seems to be more interested in his upcoming TV show, and his importing business. And his manager and waitstaff are AWFUL!!!!

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                    So how was the food you did finally get? What was it you ordered? Jdbc notess that at their visit the prices and the arancini were good. Other reviews which detailed experiences similar to yours and had comments on the food can no longer be found here. It would be interesting to know if there is any hope based on food quality and price? Thanks!

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                      The food was good, price was moderate. However, since we were so aggravated by the time it arrived, it was not worth it. We ordered a $45 bottle of wine. The waitress wrote the entire name on pad. 20 min. later, another person came over and said..Are you sure you want this bottle, it's $45? And then it took another 15min for it to arrive.